Virtual hairstyles

Virtual hairstyles can be described as a way for people to try on different hairstyles, hair colors, textures, lengths, including facial hair for men to their own photo. Current animation technology that is available online enables this process to take place. Various hairstyles are created on computer and then uploaded into a data base on a server to be called up at a later time via the user. The user then uploads their photo to a website where multimedia software on their computer allows them to see hairstyles that overlay their image.

The new way this is done is via smart phones and mobile devices. Unlike the web server, the user downloads the entire program to their mobile device to then use and view the software without any glitches. More importantly, it is all much more affordable this way, a few dollars using hairstyle App on the IPhone as opposed to around $ 15.00 using an online website.

Virtual hairstyles can look fairly realistic if a number of factors are aligned and done right

How to Video

Hairstyle-Swap a quick and easy way to try on a new hairstyle look to your Android phone risk free.

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