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Bangs and types of Bangs

Bangs and types of bangs are a part of hairstyles that have always been around in some general form, however in the past few years we have seen a revival. Also known as fringes, bangs are strands of hair that have been cut in a way to make them fall in front of the hairline. There are many types of bangs that all have many impacts such as drawing attention to the eyes, framing and adjusting an overall shape of a hairstyle to better suit a particular face shape, keeping hair out your eyes, or having short and long hair at the same time.

Different types of bangs have been around forever but they really became popular around the 1930s, when Louise Brookes sported the bob with bangs look. Nowadays, bangs are coveted by all celebs including Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.

We want to expose some of the best types of bangs below worn by some of our favourite girls, plus which face types they suit best and how to style them. Read on to get inspired and also discover our guide to getting different types of bangs below.

1: Straight Hair Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are trending right now, and this straight hair curtain bangs which is effortless is a seriously classy hairstyle. This look can be sported for work or play, and depending on your features, your stylist will be able to determine the length of your curtain bangs whether it be above the eye, grazing your cheek bones, or somewhere in between.


2: Jessica Alba’s Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are trending right now and have been around in various ways for some time. The modern curtain fringe is easy to wear, maintain and suits almost all face shapes. It’s also a great way to add shape to your hairstyle if you are wanting to experiment, but not yet ready to commit to a full fringe. Give your hair a fresh cut and add some curtain bangs to your medium length hair, like Jessica Alba’s curtain bangs.


3: Vanessa Hudgens Side Bangs:

Side bangs are one of the best fringe options for those with round faces. These bangs lift the face, and give some length to the face. The asymmetric look of side bangs, paired with waves to hair creates an ultra-flattering look as it creates a diagonal ‘slice’ effect. Square and heart-shaped faces also benefit from this look. Just look at how great these side bangs look on Vanessa Hudgens.


4: Paris Hilton Bob Cut and Side Bangs

The iconic bob haircut is a classic and timeless hairstyle. It always looks fresh and on-trend yet is versatile enough to style in many different ways. For a sophisticated look, add bangs to your bob. For a bold and graphic finish that draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones, add a blunt fringe to a sleek bob. Sweep the bangs to the side, like Paris Hilton ha with her bangs in the image. See what we mean by versatile.


5: Katie Holmes Wispy Bangs

Katie Holmes’ bangs are an inspiration. Married with a pixie hairstyle, this will give your hair texture and volume. The front bangs are given plenty of texture with longer layers so it can still be tucked behind the ears. The bangs are cut angular, with a slightly longer length so that they meet at eye length. Try this extremely polished and unique look, great for upcoming summer.


6: Zooey Deschanel Feathered Bangs

Zooey Deschanel is known for her signature look which is of course bangs. She might even inspire you to go there! Try a full fringe with some weight taken off in the middle, and have it fall below your eyebrows. This will give the bangs movement, and create luscious lengths on either side of your hair. Also create Zooey’s look by adding a Halo plait and letting your bangs fall from it.


7: Dakota Johnson See Through Bangs

Dakota Johnson does the fringe particularly well and is able to do bangs in many different hairstyles. Try curling your hair, and give yourself a wispy bang. It will be fluid, but not stringy. This look is seductive, and your bangs will be able to be styled with so many hairstyles, and lengths.


8: Dakota Johnson Curtain Bangs

Keeping in line with bangs queen, Dakota Johnson, why not snag her look of curtain bangs on long hair.  The style is not only chic but fairly low maintenance, easy to grow out, and requires extremely minimal upkeep. Go for longer layers and part your curtain bangs right down the middle to recreate this look.


9: Selena Gomez Wispy Bangs

Selena Gomez’ long parted fringe which has been swept to the side is the perfect bangs style for her face shape. Notice how these bangs are very fine, cut from left to right, short to longer. It is a versatile haircut that can be worn during the day or glammed up at night. Team it with a cute bun, and have some curled strands coming down on either side of the bangs.


10: Penelope Cruz Curtain Bangs

Looking for something a bit more subtle, and don’t want the full bangs effect yet. Go for a soft and subtle curtain bang. These blended subtle bangs can be worn in many ways. Add more volume on the sides than in the middle, to give a delicate effect. This way you can easily push them away when you aren’t feeling like the bangs-vibe. Penelope Cruz has achieved a great subtle bangs look which blends into the length of her hair.


11: Mary J. Blige Tinkerbell Bangs:

Mary J. Blige is rocking this Tinkerbell bangs look by keeping her length tied back, and letting her bangs fall forward. The bangs have been slightly curled to give a glamorous effect.


12: Selma Blair Blunt Bangs

Selma Blair looks well-groomed with blunt bangs with a short bob. This style looks best in a block colour. A blunt fringe does not need to be super sleek or smooth to look good, and is generally easy to maintain. This haircut suits slimmer face shapes, as if your face is round, it can make it even rounder.


13: Nicole Richie Parted Bangs:

If you are blessed with an oval face, you can feel safe knowing that every single type of bangs will not only serve to ramp up your style, but will also flatter your face. Opt for a full fringe look, like Nicole Richie. These bangs can hang just below the brow. You can wear it straight with a middle parting, or swept to the side whenever the mood takes you.


14: Emma Watson Micro Bangs:

The micro bangs is a seriously cool look right now, offering an edgy take on the classic full fringe. Keep it sleek like Emma Watson, or wear it tousled waves to create some balance to the daring look. A short fringe has class and an edge to it that some other styles of bangs cannot provide. Short Micro Bangs are great for short and round face shapes.


15: Jlo’s Mid Bangs

Another safer bangs style if you cannot bring yourself to go for the full cut is grown-out bang. If you are in between lengths, follow Jennifer Lopez’s style and lean into a sleek, two toned length with some longer bangs. Part your hair down the middle to make your bangs look more like layers. Jlo’s look had people turning heads at the music awards, and we guarantee that you will too.


16: Taylor Swift Bangs with Body

Lean into the ’90s trend with this voluminous, blown-out 90s bangs look sported by Taylor Swift. This will give you a retro look while keeping movement in your bangs. Longer strands in the bangs help achieve this look, and top it off with a retro bob.


17: Alexa Chung Curtain Bangs

Get Alexa Chung’s look with some longer, layered curtain bangs that frame your face, and create a curtain like effect on your forehead. This is especially best for those with larger foreheads, and accentuates your eye shape. This can be worn for long hair, medium length hair, or short hair. Easy to maintain, and extremely versatile, if you have not already found your look, then this may be it!


18: Curly Bangs

There is no need to avoid bangs because you have curly hair. Curly hair can look amazing in a variety of styles, whether it be short or long. If you want to showcase your curls and volume in all its glory, you cannot go past longer strands at the front of your face to create bangs. The cut will leave your kinks looking beautiful and full of bounce.


19: Rihanna Fine Wispy Bangs

If you have fine hair and want some extra oomph, try getting very light, wispy bangs to give the illusion of height and volume in the rest of your hair. This is exactly what Rihanna has done to compliment her short wavy bob cut. Bangs are also a great way to conceal high foreheads, or high hairlines.


20: Curtain Bangs on Long Hair

Curtain bangs look great on long hair length. A longer hairstyle provides a great silhouette for curtain bangs and creates a sleeker texture as well. If your hair is slightly wavy or curly, then longer curtain bangs on longer hair is easier to maintain as well. If you are unsure how to go about a curtain bang, go for a wispier front as a trial, and keep the sides long so that they can still be tucked behind your ears.


21: Anne Hathaway Bangs

Anne Hathaway exposes her forehead with curtain bangs cut to just below her chin.

At this length curtain bangs can be flicked, waved, or tied back.

Did we convince about trying bangs?

We say it again, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so why not give bangs a chance?

If you enjoyed this article, you are welcome to stick around and read another.


hair advice

Category: hair advice

This answer depends on your lifestyle, hairs length, and hair type.

For example, if you live a sporty lifestyle you will need to shampoo your hair every single day and so will need to consider a hairstyle and home haircare regime that will help facilitate this.

On the other hand, if you work inside out of the elements, have normal to dry hair and scalp on short hair, you should only be shampooing it 2-3 times per week.

Category: hair advice

There was a time not so long ago that every young lady (sorry guys no disrespect) was told to brush their hair 100 times in the morning and another 100 times at night with a good natural bristle brush.

This was very important for long hair types as it ensured that

  • Any knots or tangles where brushed out
  • That sebum from the scalp was distributed to the mid length and ends, protecting the hair with natural oils.
  • The brushing on the scalp created good circulation to the follicle to help with better hair growth.

The art of brushing hair was sadly lost back in the eighties and nineties when perms and brushing were not a good match.

Category: hair advice

It is a good idea to get your hair trimmed by your hairdresser every 4-6 weeks.

Regular trims ensure that;

  • The shape of your haircut will be maintained easily
  • Any damaged or split ends can be cut off, visit by visit so that they don’t creep further up the hair shaft.
  • You will be able to style your hair far more easily
  • It’s an opportunity to treat yourself on a more regular basis.
Category: hair advice

The short answer is NO. The longer answer is no don’t razor cut wavy or curly hair unless you are wanting it to frizz, look wiry, like it has split ends. The reason is that razor cutting slices hair on an angle, and also removes only some (not all) of the hair, and when hair is wavy or curly and razor cut, the shorter pieces with less weight spring up between longer pieces making a bushy, frizzy effect.

Category: hair advice

The thing about bangs is most people have tried them at least once in their lifetime and have either had a great experience or a really bad one.

What’s important to remember about bangs is that they do have an effect on hairstyles and other important elements such as;

  • Straight across bangs halve the vertical length in a person face shape, thus they suit people with oblong, diamond, or narrow face types.
  • Curtain bangs with a middle part actually add length to face shapes, suiting round and wide faces best.
  • Side swept angled bangs are great on angular face shape such as square and broader jawbones.
  • Straight across bangs draw attention to the eyes.
  • Bangs are an easy way to do something different without having a complete full makeover.
Category: hair advice

There a number of ways to make straight hair change to curly or wavy, however they can be grouped into two categories.

  1. Non-Permanent, using thermal appliances such as hot irons, curling tongs, hot rollers, or curling the hair when it’s wet on round shapes (rollers overnight) will change the texture of hair when it dries. These new curls on your once straight hair will only last until moisture gets inside your hair shaft and is why you are told to stay away from humidity when you have your hair curled. The change in your straight hair to curls is on the Hydrogen bonds only (outside) and so not permanent.
  2. Permanent, using chemicals that go into your hair and rearrange the sulphur bonds, known as perming. Straight hair is stretched and moulded around a roller, chemically altered, and then set in place in new formations or curves, round shapes that we know as curls. This can be made straight again by using chemicals to drag the hair straight again, however moisture or simply washing your hair will not make permed curly hair straight on its own.
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There is no right or wrong answer here, fine hair can look amazing short with stylish one length looks and bangs, but it can also look great when it’s straight and all the one length, precision cut. Wavy and curly fine hair types can also look great short or long.

Category: hair advice

Layer cuts on curly hair are great at defining curls, allowing movement and bounce from eliminating weight. Layering curly hair is definitely good, and all about adding shape to create a hairstyle that will suit the individual.

Category: hair advice

The answer to this often-asked question is that

  • Long curly hair tends to behave better due to how gravity weighs it down, making it tame and looking amazing, however it does take more work to keep it healthy and looking great
  • Short curly hair can look incredible when the right haircut has been created on the right face shape, personality, and that considers a person’s lifestyle factors. Short curly hair is also easy to style and maintain.
Category: hair advice

Curly hair comes in 3 ranges that include

  1. Loose curls
  2. Tight curls
  3. Coily curls
Category: hair advice

Straight hair can be cut in many ways, using a variety of haircutting techniques such as blunt cutting, sliced edges, chipping, razor cutting, layering, tapering, and much more, all on short, medium, and long hair lengths.

Straight hair is easy to work with, but consideration must be given to how it falls naturally, working with the amount of hair, all against a person face shape, lifestyle, and personality

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If you have fine hair you should avoid some of the following things:

  • Using shampoos and conditioners that have too much moisture in them as this will make your fine hair flat and dull.
  • Don’t overuse hair color and chemicals as this will damage your hair
  • Only use heat styling aids occasionally on your fine hair otherwise this will lead to damage.
  • If you have straight fine hair, avoid getting layers particularly if your hair is medium or long.
Category: hair advice

There are many hairstyles that work perfectly for fine hair types, making the hair looker thicker, more solid, even without any body and these include:

  • Short Precision Bob Cuts
  • Wedge Cuts, or Pixie Bobs as they are also known.
  • Angled Bobs
  • Geometric Bobs
  • Bob Cuts with bangs
  • Mid length bangs
  • Blunt cuts
  • Deep side part
Category: hair advice

Getting the best haircut for coarse hair depends on the texture and condition of the hair. Further to this, the best haircut for coarse hair also depends on a person’s face shape, personality, lifestyle, and other important factors.

The best haircut for coarse hair is one that helps keep it in shape without too much work or effort.

Category: hair advice

Great haircuts for straight coarse hair include some of the following

  • Short crops
  • Pixie cuts
  • Layer Cuts
  • Razor cut Shags
  • Graduated Bobs
  • Layered Lobs
  • Classic long stacked layer cuts
  • Choppy cuts
Category: hair advice

The best haircuts for coarse wavy hair vary depending on the length of the hair, and some of these include;

  • Short Crops
  • Short Pixie cuts
  • Short layer cuts
  • Medium Lobs and Shags (avoid razor cutting)
  • Medium layered Bobs
  • Long layered hairstyles
  • Wavy Curtain Bangs
Category: hair advice

Curly hair that is coarse needs to be carefully cut all starting with a plan based around the type of curl, length of the hair, and then a person’s face shape, lifestyle, home hair care options, and available time.

Some great haircuts for curly hair include

  • Short shaped afros
  • Short layer cuts
  • Undercuts
  • Medium layered Bobs
  • Layered Lobs
  • Long layer cuts
  • Curly curtain bangs
  • Side swept bangs
Category: hair advice

Naturally coarse wiry hair is what many people are born with unless you have damaged your hair from overusing chemicals, heat appliances, or the environment.

The hair can feel dry because of how the cuticle sticks out at 45 degree angles, and also because of this, it is easy for coarse curly hair to actually dry out.

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Yes, if you don’t cut off, remove the split ends they will travel up the hair shaft and cause more damage due to how the inside layer (the cortex) is exposed to all elements and the sun. Cutting split ends seals the hair, and is actually the best way to get longer hair because as it grows it won’t break off.

Category: hair advice

many miracle treatments are on the market that claim to have properties that will seal your split ends, however I am here to tell you that they are of a cosmetic nature only, filling the hair with silicones mostly to make it look and feel better. While some of these products will indeed help protect the hair from the elements, the split end needs to be amputated, cut off and removed as the best cause of action.