Bad Haircuts Are Not The End of the World! 5 Steps to Fix Them.

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While there is nothing wrong with being upset and angry about a bad haircut or hairstyle, the way that you react to the situation can sometimes make it worse. To ensure that you get the outcome and results that you deserve, take a look at our guide for what to do about your reaction to a bad hairstyle.

Here are some recommended steps that you should explore if you ever receive a bad haircut:

1. Don’t Take Action Against the Stylist/Salon Involved in the Heat of the Moment

Okay, you’ve just had your new hairstyle and you absolutely hate it. What went wrong? What don’t you like about it? Is your hair damaged and feels like it’s ready to break off? Unless your hair is in a damaged state, there are definitely some steps that you can consider taking before resorting to what I would consider to be the last resort, litigation. 

  • Give yourself some time to get used to the new hairstyle
  • Try styling your hair more towards how you are used to having it. Little styling adjustments sometimes make all the difference
  • Get another opinion from your partner/family or friends. Sometimes some reassurance can make you feel better
  • Call up the salon that you went to and ask to speak with the stylist that did your hair. Explain to them as clearly as possible what you dislike and then ask what options are available for you to change it
  • If you find that speaking with your stylist has not helped, ask to speak with the manager or owner. As a paying client you are entitled to receive a level of service and satisfaction
  • If speaking with the owner fails, then go to another salon for advice
Most Salons want to help you out

If you are invited back to the salon you should go in. Unless you have been injured/assaulted or badly offended, it makes more sense to go to where the problem was created in the first place. They have the best chance of correcting whatever was done wrong the 1st time around. 

It’s a pretty good bet that they won’t be happy that you’re upset and unsatisfied with your hairstyle and will want to listen or try to help you. What if they cut your hair too short you might ask? Of course it’s not possible to bring that length back instantly, but your hairdresser might still salvage it by styling your hair better.

Reaching out to the salon or its manager is the better course of action for another good reason. If the stylist needs further training and guidance by the manager then it would definitely help future customers from facing any difficulty like you did. Moreover, the stylist might get some needed training that will even benefit the salon in the long run, given the fact that almost all the businesses in the country and all over the world – big or small are struggling to keep afloat due to the pandemic.

2. Don’t Think That Hiding Is Your Only Option!

If you have paid for a hairstyle service you are entitled to the following:
  • What you have asked and settled for
  • Professional hair care and advice
  • Customer service
  • A relaxing enjoyable experience
  • To be happy with your new haircut

So, if you are not happy with your new hairstyle you need to discuss this with your stylist. Only if you let them know can they possibly help you. All too often, clients get a new hairstyle and are too afraid to complain or go back to their stylist fearing that they might trouble them. What about you? Is it okay that you are upset and plan to stay that way for quite some time? No, it does not make sense for two main reasons:

  • You may be able to change your hairstyle to what you are more comfortable with.
  • You need to give your stylist the opportunity to get it right. They probably would not have the slightest idea that you are unhappy until they see that you have not returned.

You don’t have to feel bad, be frightened or be aggressive and rude to get your point across. Hiding away will not fix the problem. You need to be positive about this, take action and get it fixed.

What to Do

If you are unhappy with a new hairstyle, call up the salon and speak with your hairstylist. Don’t just accept that it cannot be changed or altered in some way. Don’t be frightened to give your hairstylist the first opportunity to make it right. Hiding away will not make it better and is not the answer.

3. Give Yourself Some Time Before Deciding to Fix It/Change It Immediately

It’s only natural to be disappointed if your new hairstyle is not what you had hoped for. First of all, remember to give yourself some time to get used to the new look before moving forward to your next option too fast! As with any change in your life, all new hairstyles will take a little bit of time to sink in and feel okay to you. The amount of time it takes to adjust is different for everybody and depends on some of the following factors:

How big the hairstyle change is

For example, going from long hair to short or from blonde to dark, subtle to bright are all opposites and contrasting and will take you longer to adjust to and visually accept as being connected and a part of you.

How you are feeling emotionally on that day

If you are stressed, rushed or have had an altercation with someone earlier, then chances are that your new hairstyle could look much worse than it actually is. Remember, negative thoughts or dialogue can distort your perception of reality.

Negative comments from other people

Negative comments and remarks from other people cannot only be upsetting, but be more damaging to you on a subconscious level than you would believe. The human brain has an amazing ability to select and zoom in on what it wants to hear. When Aunty Mary tells you that your new hairstyle is different or asks what have you done to yourself? Her words can have a long lasting effect on you. 

If you were already frightened to change your hairstyle and subconsciously resisted it, telling yourself why it wouldn’t be good to change, then Aunty Mary’s words have just hit a home run big time by confirming and justifying to you all of your negative thoughts. 

You should instead ask yourself what other agendas people have when offering their opinions. Is it simply that they do not have the fashion sense or the courage to do what you have just done? That’s the most likely reason!

After allowing yourself a good night’s sleep or preferably a few days to get used to your new hairstyle, the chances are that you will feel differently about the whole thing. If not, then it’s time to explore your other options.

You should contact the very person that was responsible for your new hairstyle, your stylist. Try and be as clear and specific as possible about how you feel about the hairstyle. Tell them what you don’t like and for what reason. Don’t be frightened that you may upset them; you won’t if you are not rude and too personal. Avoid saying things such as you ruined my hair or you made a mistake, etc. Instead say how you feel about your hairstyle and why you don’t like it.

It’s better to keep your relationship with them amicable because once they do fix your hairstyle you will almost surely feel guilty of being rude to them. Also, hair stylists (not all!) tend to take things very personally when things go wrong. Being a perfectionist is not only a part of their training, but their very being!

If you feel that talking to your stylist has not helped, speak with the manager or owner. If that also fails, then reach out to a different salon for suggestions. Remember, advice should be given to you for free. You should call up another salon that you know through friends or word of mouth is reputable, and then make an appointment for some advice and options.

What to Do

Being disappointed with a new hairstyle is natural if things are not what you expected them to be. However, you really first need to give yourself some time for adjusting and getting used to your new hairstyle, and then you should do something about it. See your original stylist first, if that doesn’t work then it’s time to see a new hair care professional.

4. Let the New Style Sink in Before Re-evaluating

As with any change in your life, all new hairstyles will take a little bit of time to sink in and feel okay to you. It’s good to see that you understand that with time you could see the new hairstyle change differently. The amount of time it takes to adjust is different for everyone.

What to Do

You are correct and on the ball to allow yourself a few days to get used to your new hairstyle before deciding that you really hate it and want to change it. This approach is sensible.

5. Let the New Hairstyle Grow Out and Get Over the Situation

Now if this does not happen to you then you are actually worse off than before you started. You should make a point of speaking with your stylist at your earliest convenience to discuss what can be done to change your result.

What to Do

Even If you have received a bad hairstyle, you are entitled to get what you have paid for and set out to achieve – a new hairstyle that will make you feel wonderful. Don’t settle for anything less!

Parting Words

Bad experiences are a part of life and it can often feel like the end of the world especially when it comes to your hair. Your reaction to the bad haircut can amplify the negative emotions that you feel with the haircut. 

Give our 5 step process to salvage a bad haircut a go and if your experience isn’t as you expected, having positive thoughts that your bad haircut is only temporary can help.

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