Hairstyles for fine hair, 22 new looks

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short straight bob hairstyle

When the right haircuts and hairstyles are achieved for fine hair, your hair can look fabulous! Fine hair means that the diameter of the individual strand is less than normal. When we speak of fine or thin hair we are referring to the follicle density. Read on to see the best hairstyles for fine hair, and haircuts for thin hair. Whether you have shoulder length hair, long hair, or short hair – we have you covered. See for yourself, and find the suitable style for you!

We start off with a Bob Cut as a great haircut for thin hair, but in this example we change it up a bit more with an angled, asymmetric bob. This hairstyle for fine hair is actually best suited for thin hair as the straight blunt lines, and the asymmetry makes the hair appear to look more solid, thicker and structured. With thin hair, this style is easy to maintain and grow out. Keep it straight, or wave it for some more texture.

textured lob hairstyle

A textured lob is a great hairstyle for fine hair, as it will appear thicker. By adding some soft waves, or a crimpled illusion to the hair, this will help texturize your thin hair even more. Use a salt spray to achieve this look. The other great thing about a lob is the versatility of it, whether you style, or it keep sleek straight.

Long side part hairstyle

An easy hairstyle for fine hair is to create an illusion of fuller hair by flicking your hair to one side and creating a side part. It is simple, easy, and offers a good sense of movement for thin hair. Whether you have long fine hair or short fine hair, a side part is an easy change, and the only tool you require is a comb.

Top knot bun hairstyle

An easy hairstyle for fine hair is a top knot bun. By pulling the bun a bit loose will make your thin hair voluminous. This simple style takes seconds to create, and looks chic.

layered middle part hairstyle

A great haircut for thin hair is to have lots of short layers framing the face. This will remove the weight, and will add volume to the hair. Once you have managed to get the layers in, blow dry your hair to create an even fuller effect. By curling the layers in towards the face, will keep your fine hair looking bouncy and soft. This is a great short layered hairstyle for fine hair for squarer jawlines or narrow pointy chins.

short blunt bob hairstyle

A blunt bob is another great haircut for thin hair. By keeping the edges clean, straight, and at one length will be an easily maintainable style, as well as making your fine hair seem thicker. Add in a blunt fringe as well, and your hair will have some major weight to it.

long step layered hairstyle

Don’t want a drastic change to your hairstyle or haircut? Why not try step layers. It will make your fine hair look bouncy and full, and require little maintenance. This look is suitable for all lengths, whether you have long fine hair, or short fine hair, and many hairstyles can be achieved with this.

A hairstyle for fine hair which will utilise every single strand is a fish braid or plait. Start by braiding your hair from the crown on your head to create a thicker illusion. Once you start getting to your lengths, keep the braids loose and messy to make the braid seem wider in width. This style is great for fine hair especially when your hair decides that it does not feel like behaving. Chuck it up in a loose braid, and you are good to go!

Platinum blond pixie cut

Your fine hair can be cut into a pixie style to leave it looking stylish, fresh, and strong. The pixie cut for fine hair can make your hair appear thicker than it actually is. Add some layers to the cut like in the image above which provides volume to the scalp, and give each layer definition with a hair care product. You will look edgy and cool, and your fine hair will thank you for chopping off its dead ends.

wavy highlights

A beautiful and versatile hairstyle for fine hair is creating beach waves. You can do this using heat with a curling wand, or else scrunch your hair up with product. You will be able to fake the thick hair look easily with this wee trick.

high ponytail hairstyle

An incredibly simple hairstyle for fine hair is a high ponytail. Throw it up when you are in a rush, as this look requires zero time and effort. Keep it straight for a sleek look, or else wave or curl it to add volume. Swish through the day with a flawless ponytail.

loose bun brunette hairstyle

A half up, half down hairstyle can be a weary hairstyle for thin hair, but we guarantee if done right, it can make your hair look elegant. Pull your hair back loosely – this will already give a thicker effect at the crown of your head. Then let the rest of your hair fall perfectly. If you have bangs or fringe, leave it out to give more weight to your hair.

long layered hairstyle

Long layers is a great hairstyle for long, fine hair. Keep the layers long by providing as much fullness to the body of your hair. Curling or waving the hair will also add some effect, and this is an extremely maintainable hairstyle.

pixie cut hairstyle

We mentioned a pixie cut earlier above. However consider a cross between a pixie cut or traditional wedge shape. This hairstyle for fine hair with bangs that are side swept provide some fullness. By adding a few soft layers throughout your hair, you will look fabulous, and your thin hair will love the fresh feel. This will also expose the nape of your neck, making it appear elongated.

long curly blonde hairstyle

For the curly, fine hair girls, leave your hair natural and add in a bit of product for texture. Otherwise if you do not have curly hair, then curl your thin hair. This is guaranteed to add weight and leave it looking thicker than it did when you woke up this morning. Be sporadic and messy with your curls to achieve fullness.

long slick back hairstyle

An easy to do hairstyle for your thin hair that require less effort is a slick back look. Lift the crown of your hair with spray, and create the height. This hairstyle is everything, and what the fine hair wants. We can assure you that it will look sophisticated and full.

Choppy lob cut hairstyle

There is nothing quite like a choppy lob Cut that works better for medium fine hair. This all one length straight across the sides and back haircut will always fall into place no matter what.

half up bun hairstyle

A half up, half down bun is an extremely casual and laidback hairstyle which is great for thin hair. This is one of those “I woke up like dis” looks. Scrunch your hair up in a full bun, and perhaps try teasing it prior to pulling it up to give the effect of a bouffy bun. This is great for general wear around the house, and for daytime activities.

messy bun hairstyle

A messy bun is stylish, chic, and so great for fine hair. You manage to somehow always look put together with a messy bun. The messier and dishevelled the bun is, the more voluminous it will look for fine hair. This also gives your hair a bit of attitude!

long layered curly hairstyle

Long Layers on naturally fine curly hair will eliminate enough weight for the hair to bounce up and have lots of body. Soft layers are also great to get rid of dead split ends that need to be cut off before more damage is done to your hair.

short side part hairstyle

Yes you can have a short hair cut for fine hair types. What you must do is keep the top layers a little longer and heavier looking. Using hair color in a creative ways can also help to create the illusion of more thick hair, for example try a darker hair color in the shorter back and sides while the top is blonde creates a great contrast.


hair texture

Category: hair texture

hair texture can be best described as the diameter and thickness of each individual strand of hair and includes

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

However, most people will say their hair texture is straight, wavy, or curly, with rarely ever mentioning the thickness of each hair strand. Indeed, hairstylists around the globe will often say a person has straight, wavy, or curly hair texture on a thickness of hair type.

In some countries, hair stylists will insist that hair texture is all about the thickness of hair strands, while hair elasticity relates to straight, smooth, wavy, or curly hair types.

On HSC, we use the term hair texture as straight, wavy, curly, or very curly hair.

Category: hair texture

Straight hair can be best described as a strand of hair that when completely dry has no bend, curve, or curl to it.

Category: hair texture

While all straight hair has no bend or curves, there are 3 categories of straight hair.

  1. Type 1A (fine)
  2. Type 1B (medium)
  3. Type 1C (coarse)
Category: hair texture

There are many benefits to having naturally straight hair and these include;

  • Straight hair has more shine due to how light hits and reflects back off the smooth surface, and also due to how the cuticle sits smooth down without any bends in the hair shaft.
  • Straight hair can be precision cut into classic bobs, eye catching bangs, face framing layers, and solid straight lines.
  • Straight hair can be curled either permanently or temporarily just until the hair is wet again.
Category: hair texture

Wavy hair is also known as Type 2 hair, also best described as hair that has a twist, where soft S shapes form that don’t really ever complete the (S) into an (8), or curl. Some wavy hair is mistakenly described as big open soft curls, however a way to tell way form curly is how the large elongated diameter between the S appears like waves in the ocean, hence why we it’s called wavy hair.

Category: hair texture

Wavy hair types are considered the best hair texture types because;

  • Wavy hair can be made smooth and straight looking, with lots of body.
  • Wavy hair can also be curled, scrunched where it will hold better and last longer.
  • The wavy hair texture can be trained overtime by adjusting the weight distribution by how wavy hair is cut, for example keeping wavy hair long and all one length will make it appear less wavy, while adding layers that reduce weight will do the opposite and make it bounce up.
  • Wavy hair and wavy hairstyles are generally much easier and faster to style and manage when left in their natural state.
Category: hair texture

Wavy hairstyles come in many shapes and forms that include

  • Short wavy layer cuts
  • Beach waves hair
  • Wavy bobs
  • Shag bobs
  • Wavy lobs
  • Long wavy hair
  • Shoulder length wavy hair
  • Short wavy pixie cuts
  • Wavy hair with bangs
  • Mid length wavy hair
Category: hair texture

A: Curly hair or Type 3 hair as it’s known is described as where hair grows in coils, spirals, starting with a bend in a hair strand that continues to bend until it forms a ringlet.

Curly hair is considered a dominant gene trait, yes natural curls are determined from well before you are born, made up as a part of your DNA.

Category: hair texture

The shape of your hair follicle, the tube that hair grow out from is what determines curls. For example, people with an oval shaped follicle produce curly hair, while round follicles produce straight hair.

Category: hair texture

The best haircut for curly hair is the one that suits your curly hair type, face shape, personality, and lifestyle. Above everything else, people with curly hair need a hairstylist that understands geometry and how to shape hair when cutting it.

Category: hair texture

Fine hair is where the diameter of your hair’s circumference is less than 60 microns and this in hair talk is measured as 16 hairs per millimetre.

Fine hair can be straight, wavy, or curly in texture.

Category: hair texture

Fine hair is not bad at all, in-fact it can be cut to make it appear thicker than it really is by keeping layers longer and blunt cut, all to one length. Fine hair can also be made to look fuller and thicker chemically using permanent waves, and curls.

Category: hair texture

Medium hair thickness is the diameter of a single hair shaft, measured at around 70 to 80 microns which is roughly the thickness of a piece of copy paper.

Category: hair texture

The best hairstyles for hair that has a medium thickness really depends on the hair texture (straight wavy, or curly), the overall condition of the hair, and then other important attributes such as a person’s face shape, personality, home hair styling ability, and time factors. The best hairstyles are the ones that save time, and look great without too much effort.

Category: hair texture

Having medium hair diameter is actually a very good thing, and something that strangely is not mentioned nearly enough. Perhaps it’s because as hairstylists we are too fixated on solving problems, that is to try and find solutions for people that have fine or coarse hair types.

Medium hair types are easy to work with, are the most malleable, and adaptable.

Category: hair texture

Coarse hair is generally identified by a thick hair shaft, measured at around 120 microns and above. Another way of knowing if your hair is coarse is to grab just one hair and roll it between your fingers, if you feel it as textured and it looks wider than a piece of sewing thread it is coarse.

Category: hair texture

It is not bad at all to have coarse hair, in-fact as a hairstylist for over 30 years it has only been on a handful of occasions that I have struggled with coarse hair, and this was to do with penetrating the hair shaft with hair color.

For devising a great haircut for coarse hair, or indeed styling hair to last, coarse hair was always obedient and was easy to work with.

Category: hair texture

While there is more hair to control when your hair is coarse, it’s not harder to control if you

  • Carefully considered hair cutting techniques, layers, and shapes.
  • Use the right home care products, that are moisture based.
  • Get regular salon trims
  • Have a haircare regime that works for you