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16 Long Hairstyles for Men That Are Dominating atm

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Today, long hairstyles is not limited to one gender. Without needing to go for the monthly haircuts, men are starting to have fun with their hair, and discovering the pleasure of flirting with different hairstyles, and their natural hair wave. The low maintenance, dapper looking hairstyles are increasing in popularity, and the different styles you can achieve.

Long hair has been popular since ancient Greek history with Zeus, Hercules, and Samson sporting beautiful locks, and becoming the ideal hairstyle for strong gods. If you haven’t heard of the tale of Samson, it was his lengthy, flowing locks that gave him his strength. Today, when a man is trying to be portrayed in a godly like way, with immense strength, it is likely that they will be sporting the long locks as well, as history has it that the longer the hair, the stronger you look.

Read on to see our different long hairstyles for men to have you looking effortlessly handsome.

Manbun Hairstyles

Starting off with a strong contender for long hairstyles for men. The universal man bun, that looks just about good on anyone. Also known as the top knot, the man bun is one of those hairstyles that exploded in popularity. Although the craze has somewhat died down, this could be a good time to fare the look, to reboot the trend. The man bun comes with a lot of personality, so how you tie yours can influence how you come across to others. You will never go wrong with a man bun/ponytail mash-up for a cooler look than the hipster-adored top-knot. Giving a slightly rugged, yet put together look, you will be sure to turn heads with this hair look.

Harry Styles Long hairstyle

One of the more popular hairstyles for men in recent years is the long and wavy look, as sported by many popular celebrities including Harry Styles and Hugh Grant. The natural form of a man’s hair when grown out is to wave or slightly curl, hence making this hairstyle very easy to do. This also means that men will not need to apply much product aside from a small amount of styling mousse scrunched into damp hair, to help it set and reduce the frizz. In the image below, you will see Harry Styles styling his hair just perfectly, by leaving his natural hair to fall and sporting his natural waves, whilst applying a small amount of hair product to keep his hair in tact and out of his face. The long, wavy hairstyle can give off a retro look too if you wanted to achieve that vintage era style.

Long curly Hair for Men

You know the classic saying, curls get the girls? Well they were not wrong. Whether your hair is just past your ears, a mid-length, or halfway down your back, curly, long hair is only best suited to men who grow curly hair naturally, as you do not want to be using curlers and heat every morning to achieve this look. A great option for men new to long hair is to keep it longer on top, but have the sides tidied up and kept shorter, resulting in a layered look that is full of texture. If your hair is well maintained and looked after, your styling will be absolutely minimum with this look.

Long Side Part Hair for Men

A side part can do wonders to thin hair, by increasing the volume on one side of the head. The side swerve with combed pattern texture makes it so much fun. Going by the name of side-part, or a sideswipe, either way, this long hairstyle looks great on men. Just as the side-part looks great when cut short, it also has its own place in long hairstyles. Let the hair again drop naturally, or comb it over to create a sweeping effect, and tucked behind the ear for a controlled effect. You don’t necessarily need to use any hair product to achieve this long hairstyle, as the natural weight of the hair should hold it in place. You can certainly use a light spritz of hairspray to ensure the front section holds to prevent it from flailing in front of your face, but otherwise, this is a low maintenance long hairstyle for men.

Long Slick Back Hair for Men

The the long slick back hairstyle for men can be a great option for formal events, as it is classy, stylish, and sophisticated. Suitable for both straight and curly hair types, the slick back hairstyle is a great way to keep your hair under control, while still looking a million bucks. This hairstyle will require a fair amount of hair product, but worth it for the long hairstyle that you would like to achieve. So, for you guys that want long and classy long hair, look no further.

Long Afro Hairstyle for Men

If you have naturally curly hair, then this is your sign to consider growing it out and working on a funky afro. Get regular trims to keep your hair healthy, and have it designed and shaped in a way to enhance your curls, to make your afro that must more attractive. This style results from natural growth and progression, and is usually styled into a rounded shape using a comb. Due to its voluminous nature, you will need a little more maintenance too as breakages can frequently occur. Use a wide-toothed comb to style, avoid excessive heat from hairdryers and straighteners and swerve chemical-based relaxers and hair dyes with a full shampoo wash needed every seven to ten days.

Shoulder Length Hair for Men

Another easy, popular, and handsome style for those guys that are new to long hair. Keep your layers longer at the top, and shorter on the sides to give your hair more texture and movement. Suiting all hair types, whether thick or thin, and all face shapes, this hairstyle may be your new favourite once you realise how little maintenance it involves. If you want to apply some product to this style, you can use some mousse on damp hair and either blow dry or leave to dry naturally. You can otherwise use a styling cream to finish.

Long and Messy Hair for Men

It really is a gift for those who are fortunate enough to be able to grow thick hair and adjust it to their look and style. However, if you are still trying to figure out your hair and put it together in a hairdo, don’t. You don’t have to. Letting your hair down and the mess look has its advantages too. This style will give you the look of somebody who did not put in too much effort into their appearance, but people will still appreciate the beauty of your long healthy hair. The long, messy haired look suits medium to thick hair the most. You can keep it all one length, or add in some layers, and use some product to achieve movement and enhance any curls you may have.

Braids for Men

Braided rows or also known as cornrows are a popular hairstyle for men. They can be short or long and in many styles. They start with a fade, taper, undercut, or even shaved sides to highlight the braided hair on top. It is a protective style that look slick and controlled. Braids and cornrows are great for protecting afro hair during the colder months, when biting winds wick moisture out of the hair, but they’ve also made a style comeback in recent years thanks to many celebrities, and can be rocked all year and seasons round.

Long Surfer Wavy Hair for Men

Surfer hair is one of our favourite long hairstyles, because it is a no fuss hairstyle, which will leave you looking extremely attractive and desirable. Let your hair grow long and hang messy — the only maintenance you will need to do is to maintain your beach body. Surfer hair was popularized in the 1950s and is ultimately all about letting your hair grow out and flow naturally. Whether your hair is short to medium, or on the longer side, with some cutting and trims, you will be able to achieve this look easily. If you feel as though your hair is too straight for this look, try applying some sea salt spray to give the beachy wave effect.

Straight and Styled Long Hair for Men

If you have straight hair and think long hair on you would look too dull or boring, think again. Some styling tools and products can go a long way to achieving a funk, and unique hairstyle like the image below. Opt for a medium length hairstyle and use product (or even heat) to style the hair in different directions creating texture, movement, and flicks. Your hair will look effortlessly styled. Keep some locks longer so that there is some natural movement to the hair.

Long Pompadour Hair for Men

A fun fact for you that the pompadour hairstyle is named after Madame de Pompadour who was a mistress of King Louis XV of France in the 18th century. Although a woman may have created the pompadour, it has become increasingly common amongst men. You may think the long hair pompadour can be very unusual to pot, but when it is done right on a man, it looks extraordinary. Keep the sides well gelled and pushed back for a complete sleek look to let the top of the hair pop. This style consists of medium length side, with a high to medium fade. The top part of the hair is the longest part so there is enough length to push it back. Once worn by Elvis Presley, today it is worn by many male celebrities and has become a classic hairstyle.

Straight, Long Hair for Men

If you have straight hair and want to keep it long and low maintenance, then we have the style for you. Try a centre part to give your hair a little bit more edge and rock’n’roll. The centre part is also good for those that have a wider face, as the symmetrical sleekness down the sides will help narrow the face. This hairstyle will work on almost all face shapes. If you hair truly lacks volume, you can use some product to give it some oomph, and make it look more full. Alternatively you can go for the straight, slick, and tidy look.

Man Bun Undercut Hair

After the mullet, the high-top bun, with an undercut is the next most controversial men’s hairstyle that provoked a lot of debates. However, we have come to terms with it and it has become one of the most chosen hairstyles for men, and extremely popular. The practicality of this hairstyle is beyond. It is perfect for the gym, for your daily tasks, and even for getting a cocktail in a five-star hotel. If you rock it with confidence, then you will not have an issue looking professional, sexy, or whatever look you are going for.

Long Hair Layers for Men

It’s hard to go wrong with a layered hairstyle, and that’s especially true for longer styles. Here, the layers create lots of motion to draw the eye and add depth. This style has been increasingly popular as hair trends for men skew towards longer and textured styles. Whilst the layers on men look good on any hair length, its effect is able to seen as admired more on longer and thicker hair. Push your layers back, or keep them around your face to shape it, to create dimension to your face and hair.

Shaggy Long Hair for Men

Shaggy hairstyles are widely popular among men due to their versatility. It does not really matter whether your hair is short, long, or medium, there’s a perfect shag cut for every hair length and face shape. When cutting shaggy hair for guys, the main emphasis is on creating a series of increasingly longer layers as you progress down the head from the top to the neck area. The idea is to give you a shaggy, and a little bit messy look but to make sure it’s also sexy and flattering.

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    Men Long Hair

    Category: Men Long Hair

    Long hairstyles for men can be considered high maintenance due to the special haircare routines and regular trims needed to keep the hairs condition optimal. Stying can take longer as well, however pulling hair back is quite quick and easy.

    Category: Men Long Hair

    We are seeing more men growing their hair longer in the past few years as a trend for sure, noting that long hair symbolizes confidence, health, strength and a free rebellious spirit.

    Men with long Hairstyles have been around forever throughout history and within all cultures, dating back to our prehistoric ancestors, and then spanning across royalty, religions, spiritual and community leaders, through to modern day Roc Stars, Male Celebrities, Hipsters, and office professionals.

    Long hairstyles for men and fashionable, versatile, more accepted than ever before, and so for these and many other reasons are trending right now.

    Category: Men Long Hair

    For centuries men with long flowing hair have been seen as attractive, sexy, a little rebellious? Truth be told men with long hair have an air of confidence about them, a rascal within that cares little for what other think of them.

    Category: Men Long Hair

    The best hairstyles for men with long hair is relative to a number of factors such as:

    • The texture and thickness of your hair
    • A persons face shape
    • A persons lifestyle
    • How much time is available for styling and homeware maintenance.

    Get some mens long hairstyles inspiration and then go speak with your stylist.

    Category: Men Long Hair

    The answer is a BIG yes. Long hair for men is stylish, definitely on trend, and has been for thousands of years.

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