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Much has been written and said about try on hairstyles over the years, that is where a person is able to take and upload their own photo, and then see themselves with a variety of different hairstyles, hair colors, in all lengths, shapes, and sizes, to see if something suits them or not.


This risk-free approach of trying on a virtual hairstyle before physically having it done has saved countless people from making the wrong decision and ending up with hairstyle disasters.


You can try on a new hairdo to visually see if it will suit your face shape, complexion, get styling tips and other hair care advice, and then share the looks with your family, friends, for second opinions, and finally with your hairstylist during your salon visit and consultation.


All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home, using your phone or desktop to take your photo, save it, and put you in a hairstyle makeover nirvana land.


Do virtual hairstyles really help people out?

The short answer is a big YES.

As a hairstylist, I can honestly say that when things have gone wrong for me it was only because communication was not clear. Either my client didn’t explain themselves very well, or my interpretation of what they asked for was skewed.

I learnt very quickly that my perception about curly hair, the color red, blonde, short hair, or anything else was often not what my clients meant at all.


I would often turn to images both online and offline to cross check what my clients meant before diving in and making changes that were in some cases irreversible.


This is where virtual hairstyles proved extremely helpful to both me and my clients because the clarification that I was seeking was Infront of me, with a few hairstyles and hair colors that they liked, hated, etc.


All I had left to do was to let them know if it was possible, a good or bad idea.

Do Try On Hairstyles Apps Look Real?

Some do and some don’t, how the Hairstylechannel app uses real hairstyles, created by stylists worldwide and not computer-generated ones.

Each hairstyle has been created, shot on location, and then digitally edited and processed for the virtual application.


The trick to getting the best results are to take a photo at eye level straight on with your hair pulled back off your face. A well lit photo will also help make all hair colors look natural, and don’t forget to smile…

Try on hairstyles are great for makeovers.

There comes a time when you are feeling flat, feeling like a change, something different, something significant enough to give you that lift. It could be for a variety of reasons that you feel this way, but you do know that a new haircut and hair color will get you on that path to feeling new and refreshed.


Using a try on hairstyle tool is great here because it gives you some time to make sure that you didn’t act out too soon or make a bad decision because you simply needed that makeover.

Indeed a try on hairstyle tool is extremely helpful for people that are making the biggest changes, where there is more to get wrong if you don’t get it right to begin with.

When should people consider using a Try On Hairstyles tool?

Trying on a hairstyle to your own picture or face is helpful for many reasons and some of these include:


  • If you are considering a hair makeover
  • If you are considering cutting your hair from long to medium or into a short hairstyle.
  • To change your hair color, either slightly or extremely, to make sure that it will suit your complexion.
  • If you are wanting to change your hair texture from straight to curly, wavy.
  • To see how it would look if you grew your hair longer, before going to get hair extensions.
  • To try out how bangs can change your look, and if they will suit you.
  • To simply get some ideas and inspiration.
  • For people looking at purchasing a wig and need to see what it looks like?
  • To get second opinion and advice from family, friends, and loved ones.
  • To try on a formal hairdo with your outfit (take a photo wearing your formal attire)
  • For anybody that needs some reassurance before getting any change.
  • For anybody that simply wants to have some fun, be adventurous.


Hairstylechannel Web App – and Play Store App Pricing:

Hairstylechannel’s try-on hairstyle app is available on both the website

and on Google Play Store..(link)

and they are also linked together.


There is a FREE version available to anybody that allows you to use the entire tool but with only a limited number of hairstyles for both males and females.

This is enough to give you a taste and full experience at no cost.


For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, ($2.99) you can get access to any package that has 200 to 800+ hairstyles created by hairstylists across the world.


This amounts to a once off purchase that gets you unlimited access and photo uploads.


There is an everything package with 800+ hairstyles for men and women at a reduced price worth paying for if you like the free demo.



2 Channels For The Price Of One:

When you purchase on the app store or on the website that coincidently are the same prices for packages, you can then access your account on both platforms.

So if you pay for the app on Google Play, download it and use it, simply login to the website using your same email and login details and get the same access, see your uploaded photos, and hairstyles.

Do the same if you purchased on the website across to Google Play.




Hair Style App or Virtual Hairstyles Online?

What should you do, what should you try, what is the difference?

Basically, it doesn’t matter but here are a few points to consider.



Using a virtual try on hairstyles tool online and accessing it on your desktop size PC will give you a better viewing experience because everything is bigger with more detail.

You can still take a photo using your desktop camera, or simply find and use one you have taken before from another device or source.


Mobile Phone:

You can use the same desktop application but on your mobile phone and get great results. The camera on your phone will take great photos for you to upload instantly and using your phone means that you can do this anywhere at all.

While the hairstyles will be smaller in size, the detail and overall experience will still be great.


Mobile App:

Downloading the Try On Hairstyles app from an app store is also a great way to get the full experience. An app will load faster and be design optimised better for particular screens and devices.

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