Category: mens haircut

There are different types of fade haircuts for men, all determined on how low and how high the actual fade is, the direction across the sides into the back, where it begins, and also how short it begins.

Here are six examples of fade haircuts for men.

  • A High Fade or Temple Fade starts higher up on the head around the temples.
  • A Medium Fade starts lower down just above the ears.
  • A low fade starts lower in the back and slightly above the ears.
  • A Drop Fade curves more in the shape of an arc around the ears and into the back.
  • A Burst Fade tapers the line of hair behind the ear, leaving it longer on the neck.
  • A Skin Fade is a cut that begins almost down to skin at the neck and above the ears, tapering to longer either slowly (high up fade) or quickly (low fade).