What Is Blonde Hair Color? 20 Celebrity Blondes

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Blonde Hair Color can be described as hair that is light, fair, where there is an absence or low levels of dark pigments.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking to make some change in your hair colour, to get blonde hair color, but it’s a good idea to first know what blonde hair is. It’s a type of hair that falls on the lighter or ‘fair’ side of the spectrum, characterised with yellowish, sandy, or golden-brownish tones.

The majority population of northern Europe and people of Caucasian descent have naturally blonde hair color, which occurs due to low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin. For natural brunettes and people with other natural hair shades, it’s a good thing that we have top-of-the-line and safe blonde hair colors handy to experiment with, not just limited to the classic blonde shades but several new ones in the mix too.

With gorgeous celebrity blondes like Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, and Nicole Kidman rocking blonde hair, it’s no surprise that this is the rage these days, with ladies going the tried-and-tested shades of blonde hair color, such as ash, golden, and honey, to the new-age bold blond hair color shades like dirty blonde, platinum, and even strawberry blonde!

Today we bring to you 20 lovely celebrities that have donned the blonde hair color. Explore these handpicked blonde hairstyles and hair colors and take your pick for some inspo!

1. Scarlett Johansson All Shades of Blonde Hair Color

Scarlett is one of those few women who look no less exquisite whether they’re brunette or blonde. The whole past decade has seen her in all shades of blonde, you name it and she has not only worn it, but rocked it through and through. Rose gold blonde, honey blonde, buttery blonde, or the latest that her character, Black Widow has sported in the Avengers: Endgame movie – sunlight blonde.


2. Marilyn Monroe Beach Blonde and Platinum Blonde

While the golden era of Hollywood had its fair share of platinum blondes like Grace Kelly and Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jeane definitely stole the spotlight with her signature platinum, or as she called it, “pillow-case white” hair.

If you have less experience going blonde, it’s a good idea to first try golden or honey blonde hair colour before going for starkly platinum hair.


3. Brigitte Bardot Honey Blonde and Blonde Ombre

An icon of the 1960s, Brigitte Bardot popularised icy, honey blonde hair with soft bangs. While she was naturally brunette (remember Marilyn Monroe?), she definitely seemed as if she was made to sport ice honey blonde ombre, with a little bit of brunette peeking through from the roots. Can anyone else wear a messy hairdo and still look fresh and put-together?


4. Goldie Hawn California Blonde and Butter Blonde

Yet another 1960s face, Goldie Hawn not only rocked the tricky bangs hairstyle, but parted bangs at that! With the signature butter blonde hair that shimmers with hues of California sunsets, Goldie still looks fabulous as ever with her parted, tousled bangs with her blond tresses in soft, wavy curls.


5. Dolly Parton Dark Blonde and Sandy Blonde

From bouffant, big curls, and blonde afro, to tousled curls, sharp curls, and cropped shag, we don’t think there’s anyone else who sported blonde hair in so many ways, other than the adorable busty country singer, Dolly Parton. Her hair truly was wild and definitely had a life of its own, but she pulled it off beautifully with catchy blond hairdos like the shaggy mullet, and you can do it too!


6. Debra (Debbie) Harry Peroxide Blonde and Platinum Blonde

Contrary to what you might think, the American singer and songwriter wasn’t just any other platinum blonde. What made her unique was the dark tresses at her nape. As she told Lady Gaga in an interview, she had to leave that part dark as she dyed her hair by herself, and it was obviously hard for her to reach. This led to her being nicknamed “Moon” at school. Can we say that her “moon” blonde hair colour is one of our favourites?


7. Pamela Anderson Platinum Blonde and Honey Blonde

Shot to fame with the cover of Playboy magazine, this famous Canadian-American actress is a true blue blonde girl. From soft curls and waves to straight blonde hairstyles, she has sported them all. You can definitely shortlist her hairstyle if you’re a newbie. Side parted hair with soft waves looks good on almost every face shape out there.


8. Kim Kardashian Ash Blonde

Well, it’s not surprising to say that it’s not the best of her looks so far. Well, you can learn a thing or two even from a thing gone wrong, right? If you have an olive or brown skin tone, it’s better to talk to your hairdresser first before going the platinum way. More often than not, platinum blonde hair works the best on fair or pale skin tones.


9. Margot Robbie Brown with Blonde Highlights

Margot Robbie is another naturally brunette gal sporting a host of different blonde shades. You’d spot her often rocking the platinum blonde hair colour, but we love her hair brown with blonde highlights. Her skin tone and face shape are such that this hair colour accentuates them both in a lovely way. Another ‘’safe’ option to add to your list if you’re a brunette planning to go down the blonde road: blonde highlights instead of full-blown blonde dyed hair.


10. Nicole Kidman Strawberry Blonde

The legendary actress has worn many, many blonde shades, such as platinum, honey, butter, and golden, and she has looked equally beautiful in them all. Yet, in our opinion, with her porcelain skin and blue eyes, strawberry blonde complements her the best. If you have pale skin, try out this shade of blonde.


11. Jennifer Aniston Biege Blonde and Blonde Balayage

Rachel of our all-time favourite show, Friends, hasn’t aged much even now and still looks gorgeous than ever. Unlike other blonde divas we have in our list, Jennifer rarely has gone pure blonde. Even in the iconic show and the movies she did later on, you can see her rocking almost brunette hair with blonde highlights, blonde ombre, or a dirty blonde hairstyle. She even experimented with blonde balayage over the years, adapting brown balayage in 2003 and then golden balayage in 2004.


12. Blake Lively Bronde and Rose Gold Blonde

Everyone’s favourite, the lovely Blake Lively is naturally blonde, looking as alluring as ever with her ravishing blonde tresses. She looks equally fabulous when she gets her hair dyed in other blonde shades, like rose gold blonde. Her favourite seems to be the bronde hairstyle, which is the best of both worlds: blonde and brunette.


13. Cara Delevingne Icy Blonde and Ash Blonde

If someone can pull off radical hair colours like icy blonde and ash blonde, it’s absolutely Cara Delevingne. With her razor sharp eyebrows and nose, and her penetrating eyes, she is surely made for these colours that accentuate those stunning facial features.


14. Rachel McAdams Ginger Blonde Hair Colour

The Notebook’s famed star, Rachel McAdams dons her signature go-to hair colour: ginger blonde. This blonde shade has a soft warmth to it that other shades just don’t have. If you want to try this blonde hair colour, then experiment with how much ginger and how much blonde you want to incorporate in yours, depending on how “warm” you want it to turn out.


15. Amanda Seyfried Wheat Blonde Hair Color

The charming Sophie from Letters to Juliet is naturally blonde, with a divine shade at that: wheat blonde. Though she looks divine in other blonde colours too, she would look as elegant as one can be with her natural tresses. She’s definitely one of our top picks with her lustrous and voluminous blonde locks.


16. Selena Gomez Platinum Blonde Hair

While it was a few ago, we know that people still want to check out Selena Gomez platinum blonde hair color.

This platinum blonde was almost beige blonde due to Selena’s natural dark hair color containing plenty of warm pigments, that are hard to completely remove without damaging her hair.


17. Sofia Vergara Blonde Hair Color

Some people look good no matter what and some people is Sofia Vergara even when was seen with blonde highlights on a golden blonde base.

The result is a honey tone overall, but if you look closely you will notice blonde highlights that start from the mid lengths right through to the ends, no doubt created using foils.


18. Rihanna Blonde Hair Color

Rihanna is someone that has tried just about every color that is available on her natural hair.

Although this has been a few years, Rihanna di have blonde hair for a while, it was always a warm honey blonde as nothing too cool would not have worked on her complexion without a look of work in the makeup department.

Rihanna’s golden blonde curls is still highly searched for.


19. Christina Aguilera platinum blonde and Micro Bangs

We could have an article on famous blonde celebrities and leave out Christina Aguilera’s blonde hair color.

While Christina has changed the tone over the past 20 years, blonde hair and Christina Aguilera are kike tow peas in a pod.

Christine seen here with a platinum blonde hair color, a change from her artic ice blondes she normally wears, opting for rather short micro bangs.


20. White hair color

White hair color is very unique and absolutely striking.

Hair color lighteners have improved drastically in the past decade allowing hair colorists to go beyond blonde, all the way to white hair.

Achieving white hair is not possible for everybody, and rarely will you achieve white hair if your hair is long due to its condition.

However, if you already are natural blonde, have no artificial color in your hair then you are a real chance to remove enough yellow pigment, to allow toning for a white result.

Blonde hair color rocks

We hope that you enjoyed our article on blonde hair colors, and that maybe you will give one a try.

Remember to

  1. Make a goal
  2. Have a plan
  3. Action it by visiting your salon and getting it done.

And that new and exciting experiences make life more interesting.

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Natural human hair colour is melanin, a pigment that the human body produces that makes up a person’s complexion. Everybody has a variation of pigment colors, and it’s these combinations that make up the hair, skin, and eye colors differently for every single person.

Hair color is also an important element in every hair style, and so if a hairstyle is the frame around a person’s face, hair color is the type of frame, the material, texture and color that compliments the picture (a person’ face, eyes, complexion).

Hair color thus further individualizes each person, haircut, style, and look.

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Artificial hair color can be described as anything foreign that is used, applied, processed on the hair that will either, stain it (Henna), cover the outside (Temporary Color), chemically alter it internally (using chemical reactions between molecules, pigments, ammonia and peroxide, knows as permanent Hair Color).

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Bleached hair or as it’s better known, lightened hair can be achieved using natural bleaching agents such as vinegar, lemon juice, and even UV light that will lighten pigments inside the hair shaft.

Using Bleach and peroxide to lighten hair is okay when done by a professional, this is where the bleach oxidizes the melanin pigment making it colorless. It’s always the larger darker melanin molecules that oxidise first (dark browns, reds, orange, and finally yellow) and is why untoned bleached hair will always look golden yellow in color.

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Yes, well almost anybody.

Chemical lightening has improved dramatically in the past 10 years, meaning that people that start off with natural dark hair colours, and where the hair is in good enough condition have a very high chance of their hair colorists turning them into blondes.

Now if your hair is in bad condition, is color processed already, you may not be able to go blonde. You should check with a professional hair colorist first.

Category: hair colors

Light hair can suit anybody, even people with darker, olive skin complexions so long as it’s the correct tone of blonde.

Just as people’s complexions are warm and cool, blonde hair colors need to stay on the same side of the spectrum or the same tone to suit them.

For example, a person with a fair, cool complexion should stay away from warm tones like golden blondes, copper tones, and instead have artic blondes, beiges, and ash blondes.

Category: hair colors

Balayage is a highlighting technique that does not use foils, instead this is where a colorist will hand paint color or bleach directly onto your hair, creating a more natural and blended effect.

Painting hair color directly onto usually dry hair, allows the colorist to add splashes of colour just as an artist would on canvass, seeing where the hair falls naturally, this way being sure to add hair color where it’s needed to compliment a person’s features, or a specific haircut.

Category: hair colors

Ombre hair color technique is where the hair is blended from one color hue to another, usually where the hair will start darker at the roots and then gradually get lighter right to the very ends.

The definition for Ombre is the French word for “color that is shaded or graduated in tone.

One advantage to Ombre hair color is that if your roots are dark, you will not see a regrowth, or need to commit to regular roots touch ups as the Ombre effect already appears as a grown-out hair color.

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Millions of dollars have been spent in research and development and then advertising alone between all the competing hair color companies, and naturally they will tell you that their hair color is superior to their competitors.

Some will claim their dye has low ammonia, is organic, safe, will cause less damage to your hair and so on.

The truth of the matter is that most hair dyes that you can purchase online or from a store, and that is manufactured by a big reputable brand, is safe and okay to use.

The risks however are that it depends what condition your hair is to begin with, and then what you are hoping to achieve by coloring your hair in the first place?

As a rule

  • Semi-permanent hair colour won’t damage your hair as there is no ammonia, peroxide, or oxidation of your hair pigment molecules. Note that this also means that you can’t lighten your hair.
  • Natural colours such as Henna, Coffee basically stain the hair and the color will wash away over time, however beware, these types of hair colors can cause problems with other color or hairdressing treatments.
  • Reputable permanent hair colour is fine if you are doing a root touch up, covering grey hair, sticking to hair colors that are close to your natural hair color.

My recommendation is to always seek any hair color advice from a professional hair colorist, particularly for anything where going lighter, or using permanent color is concerned.

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Blonde highlights in hair can be described as small slices, pieces, wefts of blonde hair that interweaves and creates a contrast with your other hair color that is normally darker or brighter.

There are many techniques used to create blonde highlights in hair and some of these include;

  • Foils, where hair is weaved using a tail comb, separated, color applied to the hair on foil, and then left to process without changing the hair colour outside of the wrapped foil.
  • Balayage, where hair color or bleach is painted directly to the hair using a tint brush, usually in slim vertical strips.
  • Streaks and frosting were all the rage 20 years ago, where a plastic or rubber cap is placed over your head, and then using a croquet hook, a small weft of hair is pulled through, and bleached lighter. Once the desired color is achieved, excess color is rinsed away, the cap removed, and the hair now has two colors.
  • Ombre, where bleach is applied in time intervals starting from the ends to the mid lengths.
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To get purple hair you need to start off with a light base color, if you are a natural blonde then lucky you, otherwise you will first need to bleach your hair as light as possible (for more vibrancy), and then you will need to add the purple hair color dye.

There are a few purple hair colors on the market, but most reputable ones will be very similar in results that will fade and wash away overtime.

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Red hair color is always fashionable year to year. What you will find however is that hair color companies through their marketing and advertising departments like to push red hair tones more in the fall as a seasonal thing.

Sometimes they will launch a collection of deep mahoganies, chestnuts, and other times they will go with warm reds.

The important thing here is that a red hair color is chosen that will suit your complexion.

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Platinum blonde hair color has been popular ever since Jean Harlow, one of Hollywood’s biggest move stars back in 1911 made it popular.

There have been periods in the last 110 years where trends saw the tone change slightly to

  • Artic blonde
  • Beige blonde
  • Honey blonde
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Ash blonde

However, Platinum blonde hair remained strong throughout these periods in time, and still today is as popular and as mesmerising as ever.

Category: hair colors

Platinum blonde hair color is blonde, lightened hair that has had all warm, yellow tone pigments removed through hair coloring, bleaching, and toning.

The “term” platinum blonde was apparently invented by Howard Hughes in reference to Jean Harlow as a nickname.

There are two elements important to achieving a great platinum blonde hair color,

  1. The hair must be lightened to a level that oxidises (makes translucent) as much yellow pigment as possible.
  2. The hair then must be toned with a cool shade of color such as silver, ash, pearl, (blue pigments that counteract gold and look PLATINUM)
Category: hair colors

There have been many famous platinum blonde females in the past 100 years that have had a variety of talents, contributed to society in many ways, but that all had one thing in common, that is how their platinum blonde hair colour made them stand out from the crowd. Some of these include

  • Jean Harlow
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Lana Turner
  • Mae West
  • Grace Kelly
  • Jayne Mansfield
  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Dolly Parton
  • Madonna
  • Debra Harry
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Lady Gagga
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Kim Kardashian (really bad platinum blonde)
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Balayage hair color is a technique that will work on anybody with any starting hair color, be it dark brown, red, or blonde hair.

Blonde Balayage is lighter blonde ends that gradually get darker right down to the roots, and so if you are starting off blonde, then you will need to make the ends even lighter and less gold (hair naturally goes gold when it lightens) for the ends to appear blonder.

Category: hair colors

Strawberry blonde hair color is really blonde hair that has some red, a little blue, and not much gold tones through it.

It is extremely rare for people to have strawberry blonde hair naturally as most people have an abundance of gold pigments, and so their hair often appears more copper gold (some people call this strawberry blonde mistakenly).

Strawberry blonde hair color is applied either as a full color to light shade hair, or as a toner where adding a smidgen of blue, gives the red hues a cool appearance, just like strawberries.

Category: hair colors

Brunette hair color is can be considered anything from darkest brown (almost black) through to deep dark and medium browns. Brunette hair color can be warm or cool in tone depending on a person’s natural pigmentation, or the hair dye used.