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Latest mens haircuts are anything but boring! From pompadours to fades, to buns and beards, there is a latest mens haircut to suit every personality!

Opt for something a little edgier like a faux hawk, or if you have longer hair then go for a slick back, quiff, comb overs, or tie it back. If you want to keep it cool and casual, and not too daring, then we show you the different types of fades.

With thick hair, thin hair, or curly hair, we have you covered to find a stylish latest mens haircut that will be a unique cut for you. Whether your look is hipster, conservative, polished, or a bit of all, then read on to find the perfect latest men’s hairstyles for you!

1: Temple Fade Men’s haircut:

This Temple fade men’s haircut is perfect for men who are looking for a style that will help them stand out from the crowd. The zero fade in the back and sides, along with the modern, slicked-back finish makes it an easily maintainable style and looks great on almost all men’s face shapes.

2: A Textured Top:

A textured top look is a great, spunky hairstyle for men that will give fine hair more volume. This is a dapper, gentlemen hairstyle. Keep the sides shorter, and a long top that will add in plenty of natural-looking texture.

3: The Quiff:

Quiff the front of your hair to create an ‘Ivy League’ haircut. This haircut is a classic men’s hairstyle and has been around for years, and is great for thin hair. The Quiff look is created by leaving the top significantly longer, and slowing for a sleek, side-parted style.

4: The Pompadour:

A pompadour is a men’s hairstyle that will never go out of style. Yet, if you want to bring it up to date, there are multiple ways to do it and a fade cut is one of the most popular ways. Depending on how striking or soft you want your look to be, you can opt for different fade haircuts for men. This image shows a high, clean skin fade look with a pompadour.

5: Medium Men’s Layer Cut:

Want to look camera-ready? Then why don’t you go for this brushed back men’s style, that will have you looking like Hercules. This will require some maintenance and you will require you hair to grow long, and healthy. This look will give you abundant volume and will look extremely sexy.

6: Neat and Slick:

A short hair brushed back look is stylish and comfy all at once. By keeping your hair at a moderate, less contrasting length and brushing it to the back is enough to make it fit not only a casual but also a formal look. An addition of soft layers at the front will also give a unique neat and slick look top your new men’s hairstyle.

7: Medium Fade:

If you’re seeking a style that can meet in the middle, why not opt for a men’s medium fade cut. This tapered style is a good starting option if you can’t decide between long and short men’s haircut styles and will be sure to suit all face shapes.

8: Brush Back Pompadour:

A brushed back Pompadour is a versatile look for stylish men. Instead of shaving hair high and tight, eliminate any weight line for smooth blending and shape to the style. You can jazz up this popular haircut for men with lines and unique designs.

9: Layer Cut for Men:

A cool flow layer haircut is a great and glam style for men. It would involve keeping your hair on the shorter length side and back and growing your hair out on the top. This is a beautiful scissor cut for men with curly or wavy hair that shows off some great looking flow and movement.

10: Men’s Undercut:

This men’s undercut keeps the sides of your hair neatly buzzed, while combing over the length of your hair on top. By rocking a longer length on top, you can sweep the longer section back, for an incredibly suave look, that will make your hair look full and thick.

11: Wavy Men’s Hairstyle:

Wavy hair with a messy texture is the epitome of sexy for men. A lot of contrast going on is one of the coolest men’s haircuts you can get if you have wavy or curly hair.

The idea is let your hair dry all on its own, ala natural.

12: Men’s Curtain Bangs:

The ’90s are a big trend right now, which means that curtains hairstyles are back! With the hair parted and styled into a curtain look, it’s a clever way of concealing a receding hairline by covering up those areas of hair loss. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, this style is very classic and retro.

13: High Fade Haircut:

For men who have short or long hair, if you want to nail the suave look, then one easy way to do this is to create slick hair and this high fade haircut is perfect for doing this. Add some wet-look gel and a fine-toothed comb to recreate this classy, polished style, and you can step out to any occasion.

14: Mid Skin Fade:

There are so many ways to spice up a faux hawk hairstyle. Add a faux hawk with a high skin fade, while creating a tidy and clean-cut silhouette, it also lets your quiff take focus.

And remember all you men out there, reverse fade and blend your beard.

15: High Skin Fade:

The skin fade look is another way to add some more drama to your overall do. The beauty for men wearing a high skin fade is that the hair is cut and fades into the skin. The best way to pair such a fade would be with a short to medium hair on top and quite sick facial hair.

Just consider any old battle scars that will now become unhidden.

16: Medium Curly Hair for Men

If you are a male and have been blessed with curly hair, then there are many hairstyles to work with. It may not be particularly easy to maintain, however once you do, it can look intricate, attractive, and extremely cute!

Rather than try to tame your curls, why not embrace your curls, and use your blessed texture to your advantage. Curly hair styles suit all lengths of men’s hair and can create a sleek look or else a 17: shaggy, sexy look.

17: The Temple Fade:

The temple fade, or temp fade, is a fade at the temples of the head. It usually includes the sideburns but the faded area can be smaller or larger. A low temp fade may just remove the sideburn area while a high temp fade can cut the whole side of the head short. It is a neat, clean, and a cool men’s haircut.

18: The Men’s Mohawk:

A mohawk is obviously not for everyone. However, those guys who decide to venture out and try a mohawk cut will see that the look is daring and sharp. Keep the sides faded if you want to play it safer, or else keep the sides bald. Adding facial hair to this look will give an even edgier style.

19: The Man Bun:

Looking for a popular and trending hairstyle for men? Look no further, we have it for you! The man bun. Many fashion-savvy guys have brought the style into fashion by pulling their long hairstyles into a bun. It not only takes the hair away from your face but also adds a touch of virility to your whole look. Adding a beard combo to it is a very sexy style.

20: Men’s Top Knot:

In case you are a fan of long haircut styles for men then we have something in store for you. The top knot bun and an undercut complete each other perfectly. What is more, you can always gather your hair up and make a top knot to show off the undercut or let it loose to hide it away. This laid back look will always look great!

21: Men’s Afro:

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them join them, or in this case don’t bother trying to tame it! Men’s Afros are becoming popular again with young hipster professional males starting off the new again trend.

As you can see, we have tried to provide some variety in this men’s hairstyles guide. We have included everything from short skin tapers, fades, pompadours, faux hawks, to medium layers, mohawks, man buns, and afros.
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    FRequently Asked Questions

    Mens Haircut

    Category: Mens Haircut

    What makes a men’s haircut famous? It all starts somewhere and more often than not a male influencer such as a rock star, celebrity, sports star, athlete, anybody famous really will sport a particular haircut and before you know it, this is copied by the masses. The haircut may already exist, however it’s their star quality, influence, and any customised changes that makes it a worldwide trend.

    Some more recent examples of famous men’s haircuts include:

    • Elvis Presley’s Pompadour Haircut.
    • George Clooney’s Caesar Cut.
    • David Beckham’s Faux Hawk.
    • The Beatles Mop Top.
    • Roberto Baggio’s Rats Tail.
    • Johnny Depp’s grungy Undercut.
    • Arnold Schwazenegger’s Flat Top.
    • Bob Marley’s Dreadlocks.
    • Jamie Foxx’s High Fade.
    • James Dean’s Greaser Quiff.
    • Steven Seagal’s long hair Slick Back.
    • Jason Momoa’s long wild curls.
    • Zac Efron’s Medium Razor Cut.
    • Bob Dillan’s Birds Nest.
    • Rod Steward’s Spikey Hair.
    • Jon Bon Jovi’s long Waves.
    • Frank Sinatra’s Low Fade.
    • Justin Bieber’s Pageboy.
    • Snoop Dog’s Corn Rows.
    • Billy Ray Cyrus’s Classic Mullet.
    • John Travolta’s Shoulder Flick Back.
    • Michael Jackson’s Afro.
    • Mick Jagger’s Shag Cut.
    Category: Mens Haircut

    Men’s haircuts are the various ways that men’s hair is cut, chopped off that includes using scissors over comb techniques, clippers, open razors, thinning shears, and yes even flames (not recommended).

    Category: Mens Haircut

    There are different types of fade haircuts for men, all determined on how low and how high the actual fade is, the direction across the sides into the back, where it begins, and also how short it begins.

    Here are six examples of fade haircuts for men.

    • A High Fade or Temple Fade starts higher up on the head around the temples.
    • A Medium Fade starts lower down just above the ears.
    • A low fade starts lower in the back and slightly above the ears.
    • A Drop Fade curves more in the shape of an arc around the ears and into the back.
    • A Burst Fade tapers the line of hair behind the ear, leaving it longer on the neck.
    • A Skin Fade is a cut that begins almost down to skin at the neck and above the ears, tapering to longer either slowly (high up fade) or quickly (low fade).
    Category: Mens Haircut

    The benefits of a men’s fade haircut are that

    • Your hair will look groomed always regardless if your style it or not.
    • Fades are great for making life easier for thick and course, straight, wavy, and curly men’s hair types.
    • By controlling how high the taper is, and the curvature, you can change the appearance of your head and face shape dramatically.
    • Fades are stylish, they have an air of confidence about them.
    • Fades seem to be symbolised with masculinity.
    • They suit any lifestyle and occupation.
    • They don’t interrupt with wearing beards, even very long ones.
    Category: Mens Haircut

    Men’s hairstyles can be described as a combination of haircut types, techniques on different hair lengths such as short, medium, and long hair. The basis of any men’s hair style is the way the hair is cut, textured, tapered, sliced, chipped, followed by how it is styled and groomed using styling utensils and haircare products. A men’s hairstyle follows a men’s haircut.

    Category: Mens Haircut

    Men’s haircuts have been given names over the years, so that people can easily recognise and ask for them. Some men’s haircut names include:

    • Taper Cut
    • College Cut
    • Fade Cut
    • Quiff
    • Pompadour
    • Slicked Back
    • Mohawk
    • Undercut
    • Mullet Haircut
    • Skin Fade
    • Burst Fade
    • Faux Hawk
    • Crop
    • Caesar Cut
    • Buzz Cut
    • Flat Top
    • Comb Over
    • Side Part
    • Spiky Hair
    • Man Bun
    • Top Knot (undercut)
    • Rats Tail
    • Dreadlocks
    • Afros
    • Jheri Curls
    • Short Back And Sides.
    Category: Mens Haircut

    The Man Bun is quite simply long hair for men that is pulled back at the sides and then up from the neck, through a hairband into a knot. One hand pulls the hair up and off the face, while the other places the hairband around it, and then twists the remaining hair around the hairband, secured by the same or a new hairband.

    Benefits of a man bun are numerous and includes

    • Keeping long hair off the face, out of the eyes.
    • Getting long hair up and above the collar.
    • Creating a neater more formal appearance for various occasions.
    • A good alternative to daily styling if you don’t have much available time.
    • A hipster, stylish, fashion statement.
    Category: Mens Haircut

    Skin Fades can be for everybody, it really only depends on how high you choose to go from the neck and above the ears. The higher the more dramatic. Sometimes how high skin fades are tapered up will be determined by if the wearer has any scars or other skin related issues, so be sure to consider this before getting a high skin fade done.

    Category: Mens Haircut

    Taper Fades haircuts for men are very much on trend right now. The taper part is really the weight line, or where the hair starts to get a little longer. This provides the illusion horizontal (High, Medium, and Low Fades) or vertical (Burst Fades, and Drop Fades) forms that will suit various face shapes, head types. (long or wide).

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