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Comb Over for Straight Her for Men
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Mens Haircuts

Straight haircuts for men are generally considered lucky as their hair requires much less maintenance, and almost every hairstyle will suit them, There are a variety of hairstyles available now that pair well with hyper straight locks. Plus, this hair type requires less styling and upkeep than others as you will unlikely suffer from frizzy or unruly curls or waves. But when done wrong, straight hair can look limp, and almost dull. What are men with straight haircuts to do? The answer: Choose styles that add weight and texture for a great result.

Read on below to see some of the best straight haircut for guys, whether your hair is short, long, mid-length, and you need some inspiration. Whatever the style you are after to bring your straight hair back to life, and give it some movement, we have you covered!

Long and Straight Hairstyle for Men

If you have straight hair, and want a low maintenance hairdo, then a long and straight hairstyle is for you. It is a good way to give your hair some volume by either keeping it all one length, or by adding layers to it. Apunk styled centre part like the above image, the hairstyles you can sport are your oyster. From braids to layers, there is a long haired look to suit you. Thicker hair tends to look better when it’s long, and it’s remarkably easy to keep it looking good.

Side Swept Bangs For Men

A side swept fringe is a great way to balance your face shape and suits medium hair lengths that are straight. With straight hair, the sweeping to the side is easy and maintainable, and creates a tidy look. To get the look, part your hair on one side and sweep it diagonally forward. Add either gel or hairspray to keep the hair in place without making your fringe look too rigid or pointy. A light scruff will become an awesome accompaniment to such a look.

Taper Fade For Men

For straight haired men who want a low maintenance, and no fuss look that looks professional, the taper fade is the ideal straight hair hairstyle for men. Your barber will gradually cut your hair shorter and shorter down to your hairline, for a seamless and ultra-blended finish. Because the cut is structured, you will barely need much effort into styling your hair on a day to day basis – make sure you keep your hairline neat at the back and around your ears. The taper haircut is ideal for creating a flattering foundation for your hairstyle. Use tapering as a technique to get a clean undercut without incorporating any gradient into the style. If you pair your taper with a long top, you can use the upper section for styling experiments.

Slick Back Hair for Straight Hair Men

This trendy, contemporary and gentlemanly hairstyle will appreciate this slicked back undercut variation. A very  fashionable way to sport straight hair, with a strong fade on the sides and back and full-bodied hair on top. It mixes the traditional pompadour look with the contemporary slicked back look, and the result is quite stylish. While this look is easier to pull off with thicker hair, it’s definitely possible with thinner hair––all you need is a stronger product. It’s one of our favorite hairstyles for men with straight hair. But slicking your locks towards the back is not the only way you can apply the technique. As a matter of fact, if you want more shape and volume to your hairstyle, you could even slick your hair to the side.

Undercut Hair for Men

This style combines the classic undercut with a strikingly styled fringe. The undercut is by far one of the most popular hairstyles for men with straight hair. It is short and neat and works perfectly for straight hair as opposed to wavy and curly hair. This look goes one step further by accentuating the fringe to make it the focal point of the style. It is a nicely balanced look that only requires a bit of pomade to maintain. Keep the undercut razor sharp and blunt, or have a gradual fade. Keep your top as long or as short as you would like and enhance the texture accordingly.

Comb Over for Straight Her for Men

If you have thin and straight hair then you might find it difficult to give your hair the appearance of fullness and volume. Or, if you suffer from a receding hair line, then we have the right hairstyle for you. This is especially a tidy hairdo for the straight haired men out there. By sweeping the fringe forward and to the side, the hair covers a large amount of surface area. The asymmetry helps to add visual contrast and keep everything looking fresh. The comb over is a timeless hairstyle for men with refined tastes.

Ivy League Haircut For Men with Straight Hair

In terms of professionalism and classiness,  the ivy league haircut is easily a stand out winner. There are several variations, as you have likely witnessed, but the standard ivy league cut features a side part and neatly combed locks. Similar to a crew cut, the ivy league is a short back and sides hairstyle that suits most men.  The ivy league works for any occasion and is easy to style on straight hair – all you need is a little styling gel and pomade.

Quiff For Straight Hair for Men

The quiff has been around since the 1950s and continues to be a hugely popular hairstyle for men. It is an ideal hairstyle for men with straight hair as the quiff is all about volume and sky-high structure which straight hair can often lack. If you find your hair is quite lank and lifeless then a quiff could be a nice change for you. The quiff is one of the straight hairstyles men come back to again and again. It is a short cut with a gentle part, with the short part combing down on one side and a voluminous, backward comb for the larger part. It is simple, easy to maintain, and looks professional, making it one of the best hairstyles for straight hair men look for when wanting a sleek, professional look.

Textured Hair for Straight Hair

Do you find your straight hair too flat and lacking movement and definition? Well do we have the hairstyle for you then. The textured hairstyle is the perfect hairdo to add interest and movement to straight hairstyles for men and a choppy textured crop with a long fringe is a trendy way to do this. This hairstyle suits most face shapes, and can easily be achieved with the right cut and styling products. The less you do with this messy look the better it will be. Mousse can help add more volume and motion to the hair if your locks tend to sit very flat. Otherwise, a light serum or an upside-down boost with a hairdryer can also add height and texture. Having a messy style chop such as this really is a personality type and may not suit everyone. Remember you are going for a styled and controlled messy ‘do as opposed to just looking scruffy!

Mid fade haircut for Men with straight hair

There are some aspects of men’s hairstyles that simply look fantastic no matter what, and the mid fade falls into this category. It is not over the top and dramatic, but it is not subtle and boring, either. Who knows––your next style just might be on this list. This style is great for straight haired men who are looking to add texture to their hairstyle. The top is spiked up and styled forward, giving the hair a superb sense of movement.

Blunt Fringe for Straight Hair

A blunt fringe is a great choice for men of all ages and a perfect choice if you have straight hair as you can achieve the stark blunt chop with ease. Decide how long you want your bangs to be before having the style cut. By adding layering through the top of the crown the hair should sit flat against the head and not stick up as it can be prone to doing with hyper-straight locks. By running wax or pomade over the hair you can add extra shine and control. This hairstyle is versatile and is good for those who are always on the go, as it traps less heat and keeps you looking stylish.

Disconnected Layers for Men with Straight Hair

The best part of having straight hair is that it can be shaped in a million ways and styles. Pretty much any hairstyle is your oyster, and disconnected layers are not an exception. This look does not allow you to have a distinctive hair parting. The top is swept to different sides, with sides being tapered with good enough volume to look very balanced. This for sure is a very cleaner and gentleman look mainly for formal occasions but parties will do just fine as well.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle for Men

A great look for men with straight hair features gathering the top half into a low ponytail or bun. Avoid it looking too harsh and sleek by making it loose, or sleek it back with hair gel or mousse to make it look fresh and professional. This look is good for straight haired men because you can leave your bottom layer loose, and it should look tamed and neat given the straightness of your hair. Long hair can be just as annoying as it is attractive. Even more, a man bun might not be the go-to solution for everyone. If you want to show off your length but keep your face free, half up half down hairstyle is exactly what you need!

Man Bun or Top Knot for Men with Straight Hair

Straight hair on men is easily smoothed back into a man bun hairstyle with little to no product. Smooth it free of bumps and frizz for a polished, dapper look. The top knots are very commonly paired with an undercut and are a great men’s hairstyles for straight hair option for men who want to have a man bun style but do not want to have to grow a full head of shoulder length hair! The top knot can be worn neat and slicked back with hairspray or casual and messy with loose hair framing the face.

Mohawk or Faux Hawk Look for Straight Hair

Some hairstyle trends truly succeed in withstanding the test of time. There is no better example than the mohawk or faux hawk look. Men have been rocking it for well over a decade now and it is still as popular as ever. The hairstyle draws inspiration from the classic mohawk for the top section of hair. If you want to get out of your comfort zone a bit, then we certainly have the style for you. A punk mohawk can be just what you need if you are ready to get a drastic makeover. Still, we recommend the style if you’re also a supporter of the subculture it represents.

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    FRequently Asked Questions

    Mens Haircut

    Category: Mens Haircut

    What makes a men’s haircut famous? It all starts somewhere and more often than not a male influencer such as a rock star, celebrity, sports star, athlete, anybody famous really will sport a particular haircut and before you know it, this is copied by the masses. The haircut may already exist, however it’s their star quality, influence, and any customised changes that makes it a worldwide trend.

    Some more recent examples of famous men’s haircuts include:

    • Elvis Presley’s Pompadour Haircut.
    • George Clooney’s Caesar Cut.
    • David Beckham’s Faux Hawk.
    • The Beatles Mop Top.
    • Roberto Baggio’s Rats Tail.
    • Johnny Depp’s grungy Undercut.
    • Arnold Schwazenegger’s Flat Top.
    • Bob Marley’s Dreadlocks.
    • Jamie Foxx’s High Fade.
    • James Dean’s Greaser Quiff.
    • Steven Seagal’s long hair Slick Back.
    • Jason Momoa’s long wild curls.
    • Zac Efron’s Medium Razor Cut.
    • Bob Dillan’s Birds Nest.
    • Rod Steward’s Spikey Hair.
    • Jon Bon Jovi’s long Waves.
    • Frank Sinatra’s Low Fade.
    • Justin Bieber’s Pageboy.
    • Snoop Dog’s Corn Rows.
    • Billy Ray Cyrus’s Classic Mullet.
    • John Travolta’s Shoulder Flick Back.
    • Michael Jackson’s Afro.
    • Mick Jagger’s Shag Cut.
    Category: Mens Haircut

    Men’s haircuts are the various ways that men’s hair is cut, chopped off that includes using scissors over comb techniques, clippers, open razors, thinning shears, and yes even flames (not recommended).

    Category: Mens Haircut

    There are different types of fade haircuts for men, all determined on how low and how high the actual fade is, the direction across the sides into the back, where it begins, and also how short it begins.

    Here are six examples of fade haircuts for men.

    • A High Fade or Temple Fade starts higher up on the head around the temples.
    • A Medium Fade starts lower down just above the ears.
    • A low fade starts lower in the back and slightly above the ears.
    • A Drop Fade curves more in the shape of an arc around the ears and into the back.
    • A Burst Fade tapers the line of hair behind the ear, leaving it longer on the neck.
    • A Skin Fade is a cut that begins almost down to skin at the neck and above the ears, tapering to longer either slowly (high up fade) or quickly (low fade).
    Category: Mens Haircut

    The benefits of a men’s fade haircut are that

    • Your hair will look groomed always regardless if your style it or not.
    • Fades are great for making life easier for thick and course, straight, wavy, and curly men’s hair types.
    • By controlling how high the taper is, and the curvature, you can change the appearance of your head and face shape dramatically.
    • Fades are stylish, they have an air of confidence about them.
    • Fades seem to be symbolised with masculinity.
    • They suit any lifestyle and occupation.
    • They don’t interrupt with wearing beards, even very long ones.
    Category: Mens Haircut

    Men’s hairstyles can be described as a combination of haircut types, techniques on different hair lengths such as short, medium, and long hair. The basis of any men’s hair style is the way the hair is cut, textured, tapered, sliced, chipped, followed by how it is styled and groomed using styling utensils and haircare products. A men’s hairstyle follows a men’s haircut.

    Category: Mens Haircut

    Men’s haircuts have been given names over the years, so that people can easily recognise and ask for them. Some men’s haircut names include:

    • Taper Cut
    • College Cut
    • Fade Cut
    • Quiff
    • Pompadour
    • Slicked Back
    • Mohawk
    • Undercut
    • Mullet Haircut
    • Skin Fade
    • Burst Fade
    • Faux Hawk
    • Crop
    • Caesar Cut
    • Buzz Cut
    • Flat Top
    • Comb Over
    • Side Part
    • Spiky Hair
    • Man Bun
    • Top Knot (undercut)
    • Rats Tail
    • Dreadlocks
    • Afros
    • Jheri Curls
    • Short Back And Sides.
    Category: Mens Haircut

    The Man Bun is quite simply long hair for men that is pulled back at the sides and then up from the neck, through a hairband into a knot. One hand pulls the hair up and off the face, while the other places the hairband around it, and then twists the remaining hair around the hairband, secured by the same or a new hairband.

    Benefits of a man bun are numerous and includes

    • Keeping long hair off the face, out of the eyes.
    • Getting long hair up and above the collar.
    • Creating a neater more formal appearance for various occasions.
    • A good alternative to daily styling if you don’t have much available time.
    • A hipster, stylish, fashion statement.
    Category: Mens Haircut

    Skin Fades can be for everybody, it really only depends on how high you choose to go from the neck and above the ears. The higher the more dramatic. Sometimes how high skin fades are tapered up will be determined by if the wearer has any scars or other skin related issues, so be sure to consider this before getting a high skin fade done.

    Category: Mens Haircut

    Taper Fades haircuts for men are very much on trend right now. The taper part is really the weight line, or where the hair starts to get a little longer. This provides the illusion horizontal (High, Medium, and Low Fades) or vertical (Burst Fades, and Drop Fades) forms that will suit various face shapes, head types. (long or wide).

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