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20 Curly Haircuts and Hairstyles And Gorgeous Locks

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Curly hair is one of the most stunning styles of hair, and they are extremely adaptable. Once a woman is able to achieve a round, soft, and healthy curl with fullness and bounce, then the styling options are endless. Curls are coming back in style in Vogue, and we want to share some easy ways to style your gorgeous locks. There are many ways to add fullness and shine by creating layers, keeping it blunt, or changing the length to create density. Whether you are after a short curly hair look, long, or medium variants, we have you covered to save time, and achieve effortless, chic hairstyles.

Give your curls some fun by running some highlights through your hair. Highlights and color will instantly brighten the face, and lighten up curly hair which can sometimes look dull and weighed down. Make your luscious locks pop with a hint of blonde or brown highlights amongst the base color of your hair.

Keep your curls looking fab and unique with adding some intensity in hair color. Try a warm color such as auburn or red, and let your tresses fall down your face. For natural looking ringlets in this look, use a curling iron and then be sure to add some spray to keep it in place for as long as you need.

Keep your locks long, healthy, and lovely. If managed well, long curly hair is one of the most stunning curly haired styles a woman can have. Your options are boundless with long curls. Keep the curls tight or loose, either will have a cute effect. This is a great canvas to then try a multiple range of colors, and styles to it. Long curly hair will also help create an illusion of a slim looking face, and creates a great mane around your face. Be the Rapunzel of 2021.

If your curly hair is having an off-day then try a side swept look. This is a great and stylish look which has a casual touch to it. This is also a useful hack if you find your roots are getting quite greasy. By shifting your hair on top of your normal parting and roots, it will conceal it. Change up your parting, and let your hair flow over one side of your face and create a waterfall of tresses.

Spice your curly hair with a hint of color. Keep your roots natural, and make the body of your ringlets a few shades lighter, or vice versa. This will accentuate your curls, and will brighten the face. Short curly hair is also perfect for this look. This is a low maintenance look, as it grows out, it will turn into a balayage effect.

Curly hair is extremely diverse, but sometimes it can be hard to maintain. A sweet and simple up do can easily be styled to keep your curls under control, without using any products or tools. Braids are a good way to tame curly hair. There are many different braids you can do. One of the simplest ways are to gather your hair into a ponytail and braid it down till the ends. Keep this is as tidy as you like, however a messy look will have a sense of regal to it as well. You do not need to have long curly hair for this, but shoulder length curly hair would work as well.

Adding some bangs into curly hair can really frame the face and create a cute and unique look. Let your curly bangs hang loose, or straighten the bangs, but let the rest of your curls fall around your face. It is a truly chic and adorable look, with a hint of elegance.

A beautiful curly hairstyle is to have a hair sleek and slick ponytail. Tightly gather your hair back into a ponytail, and let your tresses loose, and fall out of your elastic band. This will create a neat look at the front, and some flirty fun at the back. It is also a great way to pull your curls out of your face.

Medium curly hair is an easy hairdo to have if maintained well. If the curls are not looked after, your hairstyle has a chance to poof out and create frizz. Keep your ringlets in control with a good product which will maintain healthy curls, and add shine and voluptuous bounce. If a medium curly hairstyle can be achieved, then your locks will look awesome.

Another easy and fun curly hair up do is a messy bun. Easy, effortless, and funky. You can make your bun as neat or as wild as you would like, and have some twists of curls undone from the bun to create a slightly more feminine appearance.

If curly hair is properly taken care of, then it will be healthy enough to be worn naturally. By regularly trimming the curls, it will keep it softer and tamer. You can then style your hair, or leave it flowing naturally. This will save you so much time, and let you wear your hair damage and product free.

An easy hairstyle for curly hair is a half up do. Take the top layer of your curls and push it back into a half ponytail, or a top bun. Keep it messy, and if you have bangs, then let them loose. This can be an incredibly modish take on a loose curly haired look, and is so simple and effortless.

A chin length curly bob is extremely appealing, and so neat! The secret is to tame the frizz and keep your curls looking orderly and styled throughout the day. This hairstyle is glam and suits all face shapes.

If you want to make your curls stand out, try a unique flash of color. Keep the base color and add highlights of a funky and unique shade to add personality and fun to your curly hair. Pink highlights or an ombre look can create impressions to the hair. Give this a whirl, and see your curls take a new dimension.

Thick curly hair can be difficult to care for. A medium length curly style which has layers will help keep the curls in place. Layered curly hair is not very common in curly haired girls, as ladies think it can make their hair thicker than it already is. However it can actually make the curls easier to maintain, and provide a texture and movement. The look can be sophisticated, and you can blend it well with highlights.

If you have fine curly hair, then a lob style is perfect. This style will make your curls gain some volume and body. The gorgeous lob look can be cut at neck length to create the thickness, and make the curls plump and round. The long tendrils will frame around your face, and stop mid length which helps it curl in for texture.

Curly hair can be very hard to manage, so one way to tame it better is to keep your curls one length. If you have thin curly hair then one length may not be a bad thing, as it will create volume and thickness without the coarseness. Find a hydrating product for your hair, and run it through the lengths to keep the curls frizz-free, and beautiful. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut next time, for a manageable style.

Why not try an edgy, retro style curly haired look. This style requires short, curly hair for bounce and body. By curling it properly, it will establish a polished look.

Tight spiral curls are best kept to a length just below the shoulders so that you hair will look great when styled and left down, but also long enough to put if the need arises.

Caution, if getting a wet haircut, make sure your curly hair is left at least 6 inches longer as it will no doubt bounce up when it dries.

Why not try some layers in your medium curly hair? Layers will allow your hairdresser to put some shape into your hair, while adding curly bangs will keep your hair off your face and out of your eyes.

So now that you have had some curly hair inspiration, go and do something about it by getting some shape cut into it, a new hair color to bring it to life, or just do some clever styling tricks to change the look up every few days.

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    FRequently Asked Questions

    Women Hair Texture

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    While there is more hair to control when your hair is coarse, it’s not harder to control if you

    • Have carefully considered hair cutting techniques, layers, and shapes.
    • Use the right home care products, that are moisture based.
    • Get regular salon trims
    • Have a haircare regime that works for you
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    It is not bad at all to have coarse hair, in-fact as a hairstylist for over 30 years it has only been on a handful of occasions that I have struggled with coarse hair, and this was to do with penetrating the hair shaft with hair color.

    For devising a great haircut for coarse hair, or indeed styling hair to last, coarse hair was always obedient and was easy to work with.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Coarse hair is generally identified by a thick hair shaft, measured at around 120 microns and above. Another way of knowing if your hair is coarse is to grab just one hair and roll it between your fingers, if you feel it as textured and it looks wider than a piece of sewing thread it is coarse.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Having medium hair diameter is actually a very good thing, and something that strangely is not mentioned nearly enough. Perhaps it’s because as hairstylists we are too fixated on solving problems, that is to try and find solutions for people that have fine or coarse hair types.

    Medium hair types are easy to work with, are the most malleable, and adaptable.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    The best hairstyles for hair that has a medium thickness really depends on the hair texture (straight wavy, or curly), the overall condition of the hair, and then other important attributes such as a person’s face shape, personality, home hair styling ability, and time factors. The best hairstyles are the ones that save time, and look great without too much effort.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Medium hair thickness is the diameter of a single hair shaft, measured at around 70 to 80 microns which is roughly the thickness of a piece of copy paper.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Fine hair is not bad at all, in-fact it can be cut to make it appear thicker than it really is by keeping layers longer and blunt cut, all to one length. Fine hair can also be made to look fuller and thicker chemically using permanent waves, and curls.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Fine hair is where the diameter of your hair’s circumference is less than 60 microns and this in hair talk is measured as 16 hairs per millimetre.

    Fine hair can be straight, wavy, or curly in texture.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    The best haircut for curly hair is the one that suits your curly hair type, face shape, personality, and lifestyle. Above everything else, people with curly hair need a hairstylist that understands geometry and how to shape hair when cutting it.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    The shape of your hair follicle, the tube that hair grow out from is what determines curls. For example, people with an oval shaped follicle produce curly hair, while round follicles produce straight hair.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    A: Curly hair or Type 3 hair as it’s known is described as where hair grows in coils, spirals, starting with a bend in a hair strand that continues to bend until it forms a ringlet.

    Curly hair is considered a dominant gene trait, yes natural curls are determined from well before you are born, made up as a part of your DNA.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Wavy hairstyles come in many shapes and forms that include

    • Short wavy layer cuts
    • Beach waves hair
    • Wavy bobs
    • Shag bobs
    • Wavy lobs
    • Long wavy hair
    • Shoulder length wavy hair
    • Short wavy pixie cuts
    • Wavy hair with bangs
    • Mid length wavy hair
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Wavy hair types are considered the best hair texture types because;

    • Wavy hair can be made smooth and straight looking, with lots of body.
    • Wavy hair can also be curled, scrunched where it will hold better and last longer.
    • The wavy hair texture can be trained overtime by adjusting the weight distribution by how wavy hair is cut, for example keeping wavy hair long and all one length will make it appear less wavy, while adding layers that reduce weight will do the opposite and make it bounce up.
    • Wavy hair and wavy hairstyles are generally much easier and faster to style and manage when left in their natural state.
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    There are many benefits to having naturally straight hair and these include;

    • Straight hair has more shine due to how light hits and reflects back off the smooth surface, and also due to how the cuticle sits smooth down without any bends in the hair shaft.
    • Straight hair can be precision cut into classic bobs, eye catching bangs, face framing layers, and solid straight lines.
    • Straight hair can be curled either permanently or temporarily just until the hair is wet again.
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    While all straight hair has no bend or curves, there are 3 categories of straight hair.

    1. Type 1A (fine)
    2. Type 1B (medium)
    3. Type 1C (coarse)
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Straight hair can be best described as a strand of hair that when completely dry has no bend, curve, or curl to it.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    hair texture can be best described as the diameter and thickness of each individual strand of hair and includes

    • Fine
    • Medium
    • Coarse

    However, most people will say their hair texture is straight, wavy, or curly, with rarely ever mentioning the thickness of each hair strand. Indeed, hairstylists around the globe will often say a person has straight, wavy, or curly hair texture on a thickness of hair type.

    In some countries, hair stylists will insist that hair texture is all about the thickness of hair strands, while hair elasticity relates to straight, smooth, wavy, or curly hair types.

    On HSC, we use the term hair texture as straight, wavy, curly, or very curly hair.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Wavy hair is also known as Type 2 hair, also best described as hair that has a twist, where soft S shapes form that don’t really ever complete the (S) into an (8), or curl. Some wavy hair is mistakenly described as big open soft curls, however a way to tell way form curly is how the large elongated diameter between the S appears like waves in the ocean, hence why we it’s called wavy hair.

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