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20 Layered Hairstyles That Celebrities Are Wearing Right Now

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Have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram or Tik Tok trying to find the newest hair trend to rock post lockdown? wanting to know whether you should get layers, or not?

Popular celebrity layered hairstyles are always trending, giving you a chance to see some different looks for inspiration. Whether you want the choppy layers, subtle feathery layers, or longer layers, we have you covered. Check out some of our favourite celebrities and their popoular layered hair looks that you can incorporate into your own look. After this, you will be wanting to book your appointment with your hairstylist ASAP!

1: Kim Kardashian layered blonde hair

The mama of the beautiful, long, platinum blonde waves has added dimension to her long tresses by adding long layers. Kim Kardashian’s look gives a boho yet polished look which creates natural waves and movement.

2: Selena Gomez Wavy Bob Cut

Selena Gomez always sports the trendiest hairstyles. Her layered bob is a classic, but also a unique hairstyle, as the layers creates soft waves, and the hair the chance to boubce up naturally.

On top of this subtle highlights gives the hairstyle much more class and texture.

3: Taylor Swift Sliced Layers

Taylor Swift is queen of bangs. This look which is married with a bob and choppy layers is everything. This shoulder grazing layered bob with choppy layers throughout creates body on the top, and thinner, wispy ends at the bottom. Extremely sexy, and utterly seducing, this shaggy layers look will turn heads.

4: Jennifer Aniston face framing Layers

Jennifer Aniston is a classic beauty, and her face-framing layers here are perfect cut to sit just below her chin to soften her broad jawline. Her feathered layers all over provide more body, protect the health of the ends, and maintain a classic mid-length and a face-framing front.

5: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Slight Layers

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has perfected the no layers-layered hairstyle, which is ideal for anyone too scared to go for that full choppy layered look. This look creates subtle layers at the ends, which thins it out, and creates a feathered look. Ask your stylist for long layers around the front of your face to help balance out the cut, if you wanted a bit more dimension.

6: Jennifer Lopez Layers and Curtain Bangs

Now one of our favourites is Jennifer Lopez’s curtain bangs teamed with heavily layered hair. This Jenny from the block has mastered the art of longer curtain bangs, which blend well into the multiple layers that are chopped throughout the length of her hair. Add in subtle highlights to give your hair so much more dimension, and an ounce of seduction.

7: Natalie Portman Pixie Layers

You will not go wrong with a pixie cut, which is very on-trend currently. If you are oval-faced or heart faced like Natalie Portman, the pixie look with layers is everything. Layers are a must with a cut haircut like this—they add much-needed texture especially if your hair is on the finer side. Natalie looks chic, and yet oh so feminine despite the short length of hair.

8: Blake Lively Long Layers

If Blake Lively is known for anything, it is her wavy, blonde, long tresses. Wouldn’t we all want them? Try sporting her look by adding medium layers to your long hair. Keep the layers feathered and your hair will bounce by themselves. Spruce the hair up with salt spray to create an ultimate erogenous look.

9: Eva Longoria side swept layers

If wispy layers are your thing, you have something in common with Eva Longoria. This cut is great for ladies with thick hair who want a shorter, and thinner looking style, and is best styled with flips, movement, and lots of volume. Medium to longer length hair with the feathered layers can accentuate round or large faces, but with this sort of volume it can offset the shape and make the face appear smaller. Try Eva’s look by starting your layers near your cheekbone and progressively taking them down.

10: Kylie Jenner sleek layers

We’re all about Kylie Jenner’s luscious locks. Her long layers don’t add any excess weight, which lends itself to this beautiful polished style. This is a style with a side part is perfect for longer face shapes, however because of the length anybody can pull it off.

This Kylie Jenner long layers hairstyle is best for medium to thick densities hair.

Caution, if not styled, the style will turn into a beautiful shaggy look.

11: Nicole Ritchie Curt

To stand out from the crowd, opt for long layers to your hair to accentuate your style, and add in trendy bangs which eventually blend into your length. The result will be a striking structure around the face while keeping some movement through the ends. Nicole Richie has really embraced the layered look with soft bangs.

12: Julia Roberts Long Layers and Curls

Modernize your look, like Julia Roberts with subtle layers, and a side fringe instead of a block fringe. To achieve this, have your hairdresser cut your bangs to the side, but also soften the edges by layering around the face. This will give movement to your hair while keeping the layers subtle.

13: Cameron Diaz Long Layers

Thin hair can look flat and bland. Cue layers! Cameron Diaz has given her fine hair some texture by adding in soft layers through the length of her hair.

Face falling layers have been cut to hug Cameron’s chin area, providing a balanced frame for her face, while the addition of some blonde highlights in the same area really accentuate texture and looks dam right sassy.

14: Lauren Conrad Long Layers

If you want to reap the voluminous benefits of layers without committing to a chop-heavy cut, ask for layers in the bottom few inches of your hair like Lauren Conrad. You can wear it in a deep side part to embrace the effect of shorter layers, but if you are wanting to switch it up you can flip it back to center and just like that, the layers are invisible.

15: Alicia Keys Curly Layers

Does the thought of putting scissors through your curls scare you? Take a cue from Alicia Keys. Layers add volume, definition, and texture. “To make this hairstyle come to life, vary the lengths of layers to take the weight off, remembering that layers are okay but keep the razor and thinning shears away from your curly hair.

16: Gabrielle Union pixie layers

A pixie crop is very chic and professional. Gabrielle Union is rocking the pixie layered haircut, and she has learnt the hair truth. Layers are your friend. A little choppy texture throughout the ends can prevent a faux bob from looking too prim and can create a sleek look.

Layers are a girl’s best friend outside of diamonds.

17: Jennifer Hudson Pixie layer cut

Jennifer Hudson’s eye-skimming pixie proves that even when donning ultra-short strands, you can add layers. Add layers to the bang and work them through the rest of your pixie cut to create an insanely cute wedge cut.

18: Alanna Arrington curly layered bangs

Adding subtle layers to curly hair can give ringlets bounce and a little height, as proven by Alanna Arrington. Bangs with curls is not such a common look, however we think it is extremely lavish and beautiful. Try sporting this look with layers starting from the crown of your look.

19: Chrissy Teigen long luscious layers

Have fine hair with minimal texture? Then at this look Chrissy Teigen layered hairstyle for inspo. This cut is for you!.

Keep the bangs soft, and whisked away, and add feathered layers through the length of the hair to create beautiful waves.

For round and wider face shapes consider a middle part to create the illusion of vertical length.

20: Mary J. Blige layered Short Bob

Mary J. Blige rocks a beautifully layered fringe, which works to eliminate the weight a denser hair type would cause. This hairstyle is heavily layered with a swoopy bang. Style it sleekly like Mary and letting the layers balance each other out. This look is so elegant and refined.

As you can see, layers can really bring a hairstyle to life when they are introduced the best way to suit a person’s hair type, texture, face shape, and courses lifestyle.

Book in and have a chat with your hairstylist and explore the world of layered hair.

For more layered hairstyles click here ->

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    FRequently Asked Questions

    Women Hair Texture

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    While there is more hair to control when your hair is coarse, it’s not harder to control if you

    • Have carefully considered hair cutting techniques, layers, and shapes.
    • Use the right home care products, that are moisture based.
    • Get regular salon trims
    • Have a haircare regime that works for you
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    It is not bad at all to have coarse hair, in-fact as a hairstylist for over 30 years it has only been on a handful of occasions that I have struggled with coarse hair, and this was to do with penetrating the hair shaft with hair color.

    For devising a great haircut for coarse hair, or indeed styling hair to last, coarse hair was always obedient and was easy to work with.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Coarse hair is generally identified by a thick hair shaft, measured at around 120 microns and above. Another way of knowing if your hair is coarse is to grab just one hair and roll it between your fingers, if you feel it as textured and it looks wider than a piece of sewing thread it is coarse.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Having medium hair diameter is actually a very good thing, and something that strangely is not mentioned nearly enough. Perhaps it’s because as hairstylists we are too fixated on solving problems, that is to try and find solutions for people that have fine or coarse hair types.

    Medium hair types are easy to work with, are the most malleable, and adaptable.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    The best hairstyles for hair that has a medium thickness really depends on the hair texture (straight wavy, or curly), the overall condition of the hair, and then other important attributes such as a person’s face shape, personality, home hair styling ability, and time factors. The best hairstyles are the ones that save time, and look great without too much effort.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Medium hair thickness is the diameter of a single hair shaft, measured at around 70 to 80 microns which is roughly the thickness of a piece of copy paper.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Fine hair is not bad at all, in-fact it can be cut to make it appear thicker than it really is by keeping layers longer and blunt cut, all to one length. Fine hair can also be made to look fuller and thicker chemically using permanent waves, and curls.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Fine hair is where the diameter of your hair’s circumference is less than 60 microns and this in hair talk is measured as 16 hairs per millimetre.

    Fine hair can be straight, wavy, or curly in texture.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    The best haircut for curly hair is the one that suits your curly hair type, face shape, personality, and lifestyle. Above everything else, people with curly hair need a hairstylist that understands geometry and how to shape hair when cutting it.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    The shape of your hair follicle, the tube that hair grow out from is what determines curls. For example, people with an oval shaped follicle produce curly hair, while round follicles produce straight hair.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    A: Curly hair or Type 3 hair as it’s known is described as where hair grows in coils, spirals, starting with a bend in a hair strand that continues to bend until it forms a ringlet.

    Curly hair is considered a dominant gene trait, yes natural curls are determined from well before you are born, made up as a part of your DNA.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Wavy hairstyles come in many shapes and forms that include

    • Short wavy layer cuts
    • Beach waves hair
    • Wavy bobs
    • Shag bobs
    • Wavy lobs
    • Long wavy hair
    • Shoulder length wavy hair
    • Short wavy pixie cuts
    • Wavy hair with bangs
    • Mid length wavy hair
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Wavy hair types are considered the best hair texture types because;

    • Wavy hair can be made smooth and straight looking, with lots of body.
    • Wavy hair can also be curled, scrunched where it will hold better and last longer.
    • The wavy hair texture can be trained overtime by adjusting the weight distribution by how wavy hair is cut, for example keeping wavy hair long and all one length will make it appear less wavy, while adding layers that reduce weight will do the opposite and make it bounce up.
    • Wavy hair and wavy hairstyles are generally much easier and faster to style and manage when left in their natural state.
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    There are many benefits to having naturally straight hair and these include;

    • Straight hair has more shine due to how light hits and reflects back off the smooth surface, and also due to how the cuticle sits smooth down without any bends in the hair shaft.
    • Straight hair can be precision cut into classic bobs, eye catching bangs, face framing layers, and solid straight lines.
    • Straight hair can be curled either permanently or temporarily just until the hair is wet again.
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    While all straight hair has no bend or curves, there are 3 categories of straight hair.

    1. Type 1A (fine)
    2. Type 1B (medium)
    3. Type 1C (coarse)
    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Straight hair can be best described as a strand of hair that when completely dry has no bend, curve, or curl to it.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    hair texture can be best described as the diameter and thickness of each individual strand of hair and includes

    • Fine
    • Medium
    • Coarse

    However, most people will say their hair texture is straight, wavy, or curly, with rarely ever mentioning the thickness of each hair strand. Indeed, hairstylists around the globe will often say a person has straight, wavy, or curly hair texture on a thickness of hair type.

    In some countries, hair stylists will insist that hair texture is all about the thickness of hair strands, while hair elasticity relates to straight, smooth, wavy, or curly hair types.

    On HSC, we use the term hair texture as straight, wavy, curly, or very curly hair.

    Category: Women Hair Texture

    Wavy hair is also known as Type 2 hair, also best described as hair that has a twist, where soft S shapes form that don’t really ever complete the (S) into an (8), or curl. Some wavy hair is mistakenly described as big open soft curls, however a way to tell way form curly is how the large elongated diameter between the S appears like waves in the ocean, hence why we it’s called wavy hair.

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