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21 Long Straight Hair Ideas To Try This Season

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In today’s fast-paced world with women juggling work and home at the same time, long straight hairstyles that require a little more maintenance is becoming rarer and rarer. However, if you’re ready to put in just a teeny bit more effort in taking care of your hair and letting it grow long straight and healthy, you’ll be rewarded with a plethora of gorgeous long straight hairstyles to choose from!

Today we cover 20 haircuts for straight long hairstyles that you must check before your next booking at the hairdresser.

1. Face framing layers straight long hair

“I want a change, but please don’t cut anything off the length”

I wish I had a dollar every time somebody told me that over the years, but here it is, the solution to that problem, face framing layers.

Cutting the sides on an angle forward, starting below the chin until they reach the back means suddenly you have some needed shape in your long straight hairstyle that will frame narrow pointed chins, add length to round face shapes, and camouflage square broad jawbones.

Add some short curtain bangs and now you still have your change and long hair too.

2. Feathered cut for straight long hair

Straight hair, though gorgeous in itself, looks pretty one-dimensional sometimes. If you are looking to add more volume and texture to your hair, then a feathered cut for long hair is made for you! It adds more dimension to your hair and gives it just the right amount of character and bounce.

3. Blunt bangs for straight long hairstyles

A go-to haircut for oval face shapes, blunt bangs for long hair are perfect if you don’t want a drastic change to your hair texture and volume, but still need some change! It doesn’t look as “messy” as a shag and looks put-together enough like normal bangs for long hair.

4. Choppy layers with bangs for straight long hair

This is an amazing choice if you have a long face. Choppy layers on long hair bring attention to the face and the bangs balance the “sharpness” of the choppy layers by adding in an element of smoothness and “reducing” the face length.

5. Long layer cuts for straight long hair

Layered hair looks the most elegant when done on straight long hair. Women of all face shapes can go for long layered hair. You can add in face framing bangs for the complete look of long layers with bangs.

6. Step cuts for straight long hairstyles

If you’d like more dimension to your long hair than what layered haircuts provide, you can go one step further toward step cuts for long hair. Combine this with copper blonde balayage and you get dimensions as well as different textures on your hair.

7. One-length haircut for straight long hair

You don’t necessarily need a hairdresser for this one! If you have a good quality flat iron and hair scissors, you can definitely do this at home. When done right, this haircut for long straight hair looks sharp and completely put-together. Straighten your long hair with flat iron and give yourself a blunt straight cut at the bottom of your hair. There you have it!

8. Long shags for straight long hair

This Kirsten Dunst hairstyle for long hair is guaranteed to take you back to the retro 70s era! The uneven shags on long hair give a messy and tousled look and give a rock-and-roll vibe.

9: Reese Witherspoon Razor cuts for long straight hair

Razor cuts for long hair is another messy hairstyle that’s equally chic and classy. Reese Witherspoon certainly has the right hair for this look that creates a sharp structure for your hair and is perfect for a day at the beach or cocktail parties.

10. Flicked layers for long straight hair

This is another type of layered hairstyle for long hair where the ends of your hair are flicked back and blow-dried for a uniform, textured look. This way the layers create a sleek and uniform look instead of a messy one.

11. V cut for long straight hair

This haircut for long hair creates a sleek and a simply elegant look that also allows the sides to be cut shorter to frame your face more easily. You can go for this if you are looking for a long haircut that’s low maintenance or you are simply not in the mood to experiment.

12. Forward falling chin framing layers

This haircut is a perfect example of why you should layer cut some long straight hair types.

For one, it adds body, for two it adds plenty of texture, for three it can still be tied back, out up. However, the biggest benefit for adding layers to long straight hair is that it will frame your face shape, in this case just below your chin to suit round face shapes. For longer face shapes simply change the part to a side one.

13. Feathered shags for long straight hair

If you want to try something different, that is something soft, wispy, feathered, a hairstyle that will take on its own shape and form then this one is for you.

This long straight shag cut has been razor cut on the ends, and then through top layers also, starting from chunky bangs, through to face hugging sides.

It’s a beautiful shag that works really well on fine to medium straight hair textures.

14. Flipping layers for long straight hair

If you want to go for a layered long hairstyle but don’t have a natural volume, you can go for flipping layers for long hair that creates more volume and bounce in the hair because of their curled ends and “movement”.

15. Long curtain bangs for long straight hair

Goldie Hawn has been the Queen of sexy long straight hair and curtain bangs forever. This long hairstyle combines the best of both worlds. Long layers that add depth and dimension to your hair, and curtain bangs that frame your face and give a soft, smooth feel to the overall look. You can add some blonde highlights around your face to really emphasize this area.

16. Short layers for long straight hair

Short layers for long hair are created by cutting layers of your hair in different lengths. This adds more volume to your long hair similar to long layers, but at the same time it removes weight as well. If you want layers with low maintenance you should go for this one. Short layers also help in framing the face.

17. Side Swept Bangs on Long Hair

If you have long hair and you want to change it up without cutting it all off, then try cutting some bangs into it that can be styled differently whenever you want. Sweeping your bangs to the side in long straight hair will create a shorter shape, suiting people with longer faces best, whereas changing to a middle part curtain bangs will suit those with small wider face shapes.

18. Centre-parted blunt cut for long straight hair

This long haircut will make any woman look stylish and sophisticated, no matter the face shape or the skin tone. However, parting a blunt cut in the middle adds in the dimension that a blunt cut needs and that will also work wonders for round and wider face shapes.

19. Long straight ponytail for long straight hair

If you want to look classy for a get-together or an event but just don’t have the time or the patience to style your hair, simply put it together in a high or low ponytail and run it through a flat iron for that sleek look. The best part about this hairstyle is it works for casual as well as formal occasions.

20. Lob with Bangs

While it’s not exactly long straight hair, it is really that in-between length that can still be considered long.

This grown out long bob is al, the one length chopped to a few inches below the shoulders except for the eye grabbing bangs that are blunt cut straight across.

This timeless classic lob on long straight hair never fails to impress.

21. Long Straight Hair with Micro Bangs

We finish off this particular article with what is possibly the most simple and yet effective change of all, adding micro bangs to straight long hairstyles.

Short bangs like this will undoubtedly draw attention to your forehead and eyes but how cool does it look?

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    FRequently Asked Questions

    Women Long Hair

    Category: Women Long Hair

    YES, these tools are a great way to go one step further than simply selecting some new
    long hairstyle looks on other people’s faces.
    People with long hair should try changing the texture from straight to wavy or curly, or from
    curly to straight. Trying bangs, face layers, flicks, shags, or various parts is also a good idea
    for getting some hairstyle inspiration.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    A simple haircut for long hair could be considered one where hair is cut to be all the one
    length, straight across the back and into the sides.

    When long straight hair is cut perfectly straight across this way, it will always look amazing
    no matter what angle a person is sitting, standing, or walking.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    Long hair undercuts are where the bottom and sometimes side sections of hair just above
    the ears are cut shorter underneath long top layers.
    The idea is to cut only enough shorter underneath so that when the hair is left down it is not
    visible, but when pulled back or up becomes noticeable.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    The short answer is no because long hag haircuts should only be cut into straight or soft
    wavy hair types.
    The reason for this is due to techniques used to create shag cuts, razor cutting on ends,
    mid-lengths, slicing, all to create wispy texture.
    When these techniques are used on curlier hair types, it often results in frizzy, flyaway, fuzzy
    strands that are almost impossible to smooth out, and last that way for any meaningful time.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    The best advice is to find a few looks that you really can see yourself with, and then go
    get some advice from your hairstylist to make sure that these will fork for your hair type, face
    shape, attributes, time requirements, and personality.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    Always consider your hair texture first, what will it do when layers are cut into it, when
    weight is taken away? Wavy and curly hair types will no doubt bounce up and appear even
    curlier, while straight hair textures may need some special precision hair cutting.
    The most important thing to consider is your face shape, what are you trying to hide or
    The rule of thumb is to always aim for the most oval adjustment possible.
    Lastly, always consider what home hair grooming, home haircare, and upkeeping
    requirements will be.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    hair that sits just below the shoulders, preferably about two inches below is the perfect
    length to put up, and also wear out.
    Any hairstylists reading this will know and agree that many times the biggest problem with
    hair that is very long, is the excess hair that needs to be hidden, or used camouflaged into
    the hairdo.
    This can lead to an up style that won’t hold, or that is susceptible to wet or humid weather
    Just below the shoulder hair is perfect to put up.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    The long hair length is actually the most versatile and is also easier to modify to suit all of the
    7 face shapes.
    Side parts make long face shapes appear less long, while middle parts have the opposite
    effect working well on round and heart face shapes.

    Adding bangs can halve vertical length to suit long face shapes like oblong and diamond best,
    while layers can soften broad jaw bones to suit square and triangular face shapes.
    There is a long hairstyle out there for everybody, the trick is personalising small elements
    that will suit your own face shape perfectly.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    Making long hairstyles cute all comes down to personalisation of the haircut, and then
    Cute could mean adding straight across or curtain bangs to draw attention to your eye, or a
    few face framing layers to lengthen or soften jawbones, down to undercut sides and back for
    when hair is pulled up.
    The only limit to creating cute long hairstyles is your imagination.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    Yes, long female hairstyles are easy to manage particularly when your hair is all
    the one length, can be tied back and pulled out of the way.
    However the owners of long hair will tell you that a good hair routine of brushing
    every day, and using the best haircare products is a critical element to keep long hair
    looking great and feeling healthy.
    Q: What are cute hairstyles for long hair?

    Category: Women Long Hair

    Curtain bangs as the name suggestions are where bangs are cut into your hair
    framing your face just the same way that curtains frame a window.
    These bangs can be made to work on curly hair textures and long hairstyles.
    The objective is to make sure that the rest of the hairstyle has been shaped to suit
    your face shape so that the bangs work accordingly.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    Long curly hairstyles are always in vogue, however lucky you because they are
    making a comeback right now.
    The weight that come from gravity pushing down on your long hair is the perfect way
    to control otherwise unruly or over curly hair. On top of this, adding a few layers can
    also help enhance specific attributes and really bring your curly hair to life.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    Long layers can be very helpful on long hairstyles that can:

    • Add some needed shape to your hairstyle
    • Remove dead ends
    • Encourage natural waves and curls to bounce back.
    • Allow you style your hair easily
    Category: Women Long Hair

    While medium and shorter hairstyles for females can also be very sexy, long hair
    is synonymous with female femininity and has long been seen as sexy and
    Whether it’s Bridget Bardo, a young Sophia Loren, Dianna Ross, Chloe Kardashian,
    or Jennifer Lopez, can anybody argue that these females are not considered sexy?

    Category: Women Long Hair

    The benefits of having a long female haircut are numerous and include some of the

    • Long hair can easily be tied up, pulled back out of the way.
    • Long hairstyles are great and needed for formal hairdos, and special occasions.
    • Half up, half down hairstyles are versatile, meaning that changing up your hairstyle
      often is possible.
    • Long hairstyles don’t need to be groomed as frequently, so long as you brush every
      morning or night to distribute the natural oils down the hair shaft.
    Category: Women Long Hair

    long female haircuts and hairstyles for women can be best described as anything where
    the hair is longer than the shoulder blades in varying lengths, textures, and layers.
    Some long female hairstyles are mostly all the one length, while some others will have soft
    layers through the front and sides, front top section, or bangs.

    Category: Women Long Hair

    Long female hairstyles can suit anybody, and so age is not as important as other factors
    such as lifestyle, available time, and most importantly of all, the condition of your hair.
    Where the hair is dry, split, damaged by chemicals, or harsh physical elements, it must be
    cut to save it and prevent it from getting worse. This along with saving valuable time is
    generally the catalyst as to why females cut their hair shorter over time.
    And so wearing a long female haircut should not be determined by one's age, rather it
    should be one of the things considered together with other important factors such as

    • Hair type and condition
    • A persons face shape
    • A persons lifestyle, profession, and personality
    • The ability for home hair styling
    • Time available for home hair maintenance
    • The commitment required for regular haircuts, upkeep.
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