25 Best Shaggy Haircuts For Every Face Shape

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Shaggy Haircuts have been around forever, however they came into prominence in the 70s. The shag cut has been an iconic look, that can suit every face shape and hair type, and it is making a comeback! This classic layered style is a modern take on bob cuts, and creates a rebellious, edgy look to it while looking sophisticated, all the same. A shaggy haircut is a great way to wear your natural texture, or have the option to, and a well-cut shag hairstyle gives you this freedom.

A shag cut can be short, medium, or long, and as drastic or subtle as you like. It is characterised by adding volume inducing, choppy layers to the face, while adding face framing bangs or cuts near the front of the face. Whether your stylist uses scissors or a razor, this look is easily achievable and low maintenance. This rock ‘n roll hairstyle is a great way to add texture, volume, and depth to your style.

Read on below to see many different styles you can adopt or get some celeb inspo as well who are donning the beautiful shaggy haired look.

1: Chloe Grace Moretz Shag Cut

This classic wispy shag cut with curtain bangs is the perfect look or Chloe Grace Moretz.

The back has been cut to sit just below the shoulders, razor cut edges and mid lengths provide extra wavy texture with plenty of natural movement, while a middle part and curtain bangs divide her widish heart face shape perfectly.

The whole idea of a shag is to make the hair look casual, free forming and flowing.


2: Medium Shag Cut

A medium length shag haircut is a modern take on the bob. This length can fall at cheekbone length, chin length, or just graze your shoulder. The haircut is fresh with the wispy ends, and choppy layers. The waves add a laid-back, dreamy look with this simple wavy shag haircut. Spray on a texturizing spray, and then scrunch up your hair to create even more texture.


3: Taylor Swift Shag Cut

Taylor Swift puts a vintage spin on the medium lob shag with extra textured layers guaranteed to lift any fine hair type. This wispy, full bangs and layered bob is so flattering, and will look gorgeous on almost all face shapes.


4: Short Shaggy Bob

The shaggy, choppy bob haircut is easy to achieve, and looks fabulous. A shag haircut is a great way to add volume and texture to your short bob hair. The style has a timeless, chic vibe while still maintaining an edgy look. A short shag haircut can be adapted to suit most face shapes. Add bangs, or keep it simple- either way, this shag bob haircut is going to turn heads.


5: Meg Ryan Medium Shag Cut

We couldn’t talk about shag cuts and leave out Meg Ryan who was synonymous for making the shag cut popular again. Meg Ryan has added lots of layers to her heavily highlighted blonde hair in this 90s shag hairstyle that will suit almost all face shapes, and can easily be styled straight, curly, or blow dried out.


6: Kylie Bax Short Bangs Shag

How to make a medium layer cut seem stylish and wearable? Update it with some baby bangs on a Wold Mullet shape. A choppy micro fringe, together with wispy side layers, is best worn with a shorter length, textured shag.


7: Medium Wavy Shag

A low maintenance, shoulder length shaggy cut is so easily achievable, and looks so chic. A shoulder length shag provides loads of volume, and very little styling. You can make the layers as soft and wispy, or subtle as you like. If you do not want to opt for the bangs look, then try different partings and let your hair fall naturally. This is the beauty of the shag look, any part will look great, and your hair will just fall into place.


8: Short Asymmetrical Shag

Try a layered asymmetrical shaggy haircut, with choppy layers. This modern shag cut is a wearable style and can suit almost anyone. The hair has been cut short on one side and then angled across to its longest point on the other side, while wispy bangs draw attention to the eyes. This shag haircut is extremely fresh, and young, and requires very minimal effort to upkeep.


9: Farrah Fawcett Classic Long Shag

This classic sexy long shag worn by Farrah Fawcett back in the 1970’s is a great way to tame very thick hair. The levels of shaggy layers are stretched out, so you have multiple tiers that show off the texture. This style will leave your hair with volume, bounce, and some spring.

Slightly tousled and totally messy, the uneven shaggy layers that cascade down to the mid-chest provide a distinctive rock-n-roll feel.


10: Jane Fonda Medium Layered Shag

Jane Fonda is a star when it comes to the shag cut. Try this hairstyle which is a softened shag look that is perfect for thick locks, and that holds the hairstyle shape pretty well.For special occasions, the hair can be smoothed out using hot irons to create soft feminine lines. The sexy look which plays on textures and shapes, can boost the volume on the crown and adorable wispy flicks around her face.


11: Face Framing Shag

While the classic shag cut is usually seen on medium length hair, or short hair, the long-haired ladies can also rock the layered shag look with wispy face framing layers. The layers add movement and dimension while taking some of the weight away and are ideal for those with coarser long hair.


12: Curly Shag

The shag haircut is not just for straight-haired ladies, it also suits all those curly haired gals out there! If you have bouncy curls, then the curly shag haircut is for you! While the layers are less visible than on straighter hair, this look will provide your coils with even more movement and direction. At the same time, the curly shag haircut gives the hair more shape while eliminating some of the weight of and leaving your curls even more springy and light.


13: Kimberly Stewart Long Shag and Bangs

Kimberly Stewart showed another way to personalise a long shag cut and this is through adding wispy bangs. This particular cut softly blends a fringe into face-framing layers and creates a very modern sultry, feathered look.


14: Shaggy Ruffled Bob

Try this low maintenance ruffled shaggy haircut with bangs. Bangs are a great addition to many haircuts, including the shag. They help frame the face and make your hairstyle more flattering and can enhance your features too.


15: Short Pixie Shag

Switch up your look with a short shag pixie cut. Mix it up by asking your stylist for layers and razor cut edges that will keep your pixie haircut looking multi-dimensional. Try adding some highlights to make your hairdo look even more dishevelled and seductive.


16: Mica-Arganaraz Curly Shag Hairstyle

If you are blessed with natural curls like Mica Arganaraz, ask your stylist for a softly rounded shape with bangs. This layer cut with sliced edges for a fly away finish is not for the faint hearted and definitely embraces the rebellious freedom that comes with wearing a shag cut


17: Alexa Chung Wavy Shag with Bangs

On short or medium-length hair, the shag cut looks best on hair types that have natural movement or light waves to give a little volume and texture to the structure of the cut. Try Alexa Chung’s relaxed style with sparse bangs that can be pushed away to give a curtain bangs effect.


18: Miley Cyrus Wolf Cut Mullet

Born in Korea and popularized on social media, the wolf cut mullet is the newest shag hair trend that has a definite late 80’s look and feel about it. Many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Debby Ryan have joined the trend and are sporting this style.

The Wolf Cut Mullet hairstyle is a modernized version of the mullet, but with a twist where top layers fall forward to short and long bangs, while sides are longer than a traditional mullet, but still heavily layered and razor cut for extra feathery wispy ends.


19: Lisa Rinna Wispy Shag Cut

When you think of Lisa Rinna you think of her shag haircut with her bangs that hit just below her eyebrow but are still perfectly long enough to be swept to one side.

Heavy razor cutting on the mid lengths and ends creates an abundance of texture that is further enhanced by spot blonde highlights, followed by pinching styling wax to the ends for shine.


20: Stevie Nicks Hippie Shag

A long shag haircut can be a wonderful way to celebrate your inner tomboy, while still looking feminine. Stevie Nicks has loved her long shag cut over many decades now with wavy bangs and textured pieces that bring more body to naturally fine hair. Long shag hairstyles for women come in all shapes and lengths, try a choppy cut with layers throughout as a way to go.


21: Medium Wolf Cut Mullet

If you have fine to medium hair type, then your hair is suited to this medium Wolf Cut Mullet shag haircut. The back has been left a little heavier, while the sides have been jagged cut shorter blending into the wispy bangs.


22: Maisie Williams Shag Cut & Bangs

Maisie Williams took her signature super layered shag cut up a notch by dying her locks a bright rose gold hue. For those wanting to try the e-girl hair trend, a pink shag haircut is a gorgeous option.  The edgy, choppy layers of the cut contrast beautifully with the soft and feminine color.


23: Halle Berry Long Shag Cut

Halle Berry knows how to make a shag haircut look sultry. She also has the perfect slices of highlights that make her hair appear even more textured. Try a wispy fringe with the shag cut like Halle has done here to give some framing to your face. You can keep your bangs as full, or as sparse as you like, and opt for a curtain bang once the bangs grow out.


24: Short Shag Hair Cut

If you are looking for a change to your hairstyle, an easy and low maintenance style is a short shag look. A short shag haircut is a great way to add volume and texture to your short hair. This cropped shag is so easy to style and achieve, and your hair texture will be out of this world!


25: Suki Waterhouse Medium Shag Cut

Simple, feathered, stringy, and textured are all words to describe Suki Waterhouse’s medium shag cut. Slight curtain bangs expose a little more forehead, creating the illusion of more length in Sukis face, with a centre part also helping to add vertical length.

Throw in some pastel blonde highlights and you have a classic look that turns heads.

Did you get inspired to try a new shag hair cut?

As you can see, shag hairstyles truly do come in all shapes and sizes, and across all hair textures too.

Razor cut, or layer cut, or combinations, anything goes with shaggy haircuts.

We hope our article has moved you to speak with your hair stylist and to try something new, all so that you can experience feeling refreshed, new, and beautiful.


medium hairstyle

Category: medium hairstyle

medium haircuts and hairstyles for women can be best described as where the hair has
been cut to sit just above, or just below the shoulders in varying lengths and layers.
The arrangement, combination, and shape of hair lengths becomes the countless hairstyles
we have come to know, some include Bob Cuts, Lobs, Shags, Graduated Layer Cuts, Messy
Layers, Uneven Messy Lobs, Medium Razor Cuts, Choppy Graduated Bobs, and many

Category: medium hairstyle

Medium haircuts for women are the many different ways that a hair stylists cuts hair. This
is generally performed by using hairdressing scissors, shears, razors, and various
techniques that all cut the hair shaft in different ways, that dictates what is possible for the
styled or finished look.
Medium hairstyles for women are the completed look that is achieved on the medium
haircut, from the countless hairstyling techniques applied that can simultaneously
be made to look very different each time by changing the procedure and hair care products
used in the hairstyling session.

Category: medium hairstyle

Medium female hairstyles are great for everybody, and for every age.
There is nothing that looks as elegant as a on the shoulders Precision Bob cut for elderly or
middle aged female, while a similar haircut on a young girl can also look great with some
small customisations such as adding straight across bangs.
Wearing a medium female haircut should not be determined by one’s age, rather it should be
one of the things considered together with other important factors such as

  • Hair type
  • Face shape
  • Lifestyle, profession, personality
  • Ability for home hair styling
  • Time available for home hair maintenance
  • Commitment required for regular haircuts, upkeep.
Category: medium hairstyle

The benefits of having a medium female haircut are numerous and include some of the

  • Hair that is cut to just below the shoulders with same length side pieces is still long
    enough to tie back off the face for casual, sporting, and other moments.
  • A female medium haircut is longer enough to be put up for formal looks and special
  • A medium female haircut can be worn down casually, dressed up into more formal
  • A medium female haircut is more versatile, many different looks can be created from
    one the haircut.
  • Shoulder length haircuts require less maintenance and styling.
  • Medium female hairstyles can suit most face shapes by changing the length of
    layers, the overall shape, changing parts, adding or eliminating bangs, vertical height
    or horizontal width.
  • The biggest benefit by far with wearing a medium female haircut is that the change
    from a long hairstyle will make you look refreshed, anew, and also make you feel
    energized and amazing.
Category: medium hairstyle

ABSOLUTELY YES! Medium female hairstyles can look very sexy indeed, and this
depends on the way the hairstylist designs the best haircut for each female individually.
Shoulders Shags, razor cuts with some soft face framing wispy elements complimented with
a splash of highlights that further enhance the texture and the wearers complexion can look
ever so sexy.
Kim Bassinger in 9/12 weeks, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, Jennifer Aniston
(Friends), Scarlett Johansson, Jay Lo, Taylor Swift, we could go on forever.

Category: medium hairstyle

Medium straight haircuts are perfect for fine and medium hair types, where layers left
longer and heavier, and that are blunt cut making the hair look thicker, keeping its shape
For coarser hair types, some layers can work a treat, or alternately sliced ends to create
softer textures, razored mid lengths that reduce thickness.
Straight hair should be cut according to the texture, amount of hair, desired look, face
shapes, and other important personal attributes and features.

Category: medium hairstyle

When cutting long wavy hair to a medium length, this will eliminate weight and encourage
the waves and hair to bounce up more so make sure you factor this in before starting.
Medium wavy haircuts are easy to wear, style, and maintain while also being very versatile
where hair can be smoothed out straight through blow drying and ceramic hot irons, or
scrunched up wavier, or curled when the occasion requires it.

Category: medium hairstyle

The first important element to making medium female haircuts work for curly hair is to
make sure before cutting the hair your hairstylist has factored in that it will spring up and look
shorter when it’s dry.
Getting your medium curly hair cut is also a good idea to remove any damaged or split ends
before their travel further up the hair shaft.

Category: medium hairstyle

Famous female haircuts in the past 100 years include

  • The Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)
  • Vintage Waves (Marilyn Monroe)
  • The Bob Cut (Vidal Sasson)
  • The Shag (Meg Ryan)
  • The 60’s Flip ( Elizabeth Montgomery)
  • The Swingy Cut
  • Graduated Bob (Victoria Beckham)
Category: medium hairstyle

The medium hair length is actually the most versatile and is also easier to modify to suit all of
the 7 face shapes.
Side parts make long face shapes appear less long, while middle parts have the opposite
effect. Adding bangs can halve vertical length, while layers can soften broad jaw bones.
There is a medium hairstyle out there for everybody.

Category: medium hairstyle

Some types of current medium haircuts for women include the following;

  • Medium Shags
  • Lobs
  • Shoulder Bobs
  • Medium Layers
  • Round Cuts
  • Graduated Layers
  • Concave Bobs
  • Face Layers
  • Razor Cuts
Category: medium hairstyle

Always consider your hair texture first, what will it do when hair is cut shorter, when
weight is taken away? Wavy and curly hair types will no doubt bounce up and appear even
curlier, while straight hair textures may need some special cutting techniques as well.
The most important thing to consider is your face shape, what are you trying to hide or
The rule of thumb is to always aim for the most oval adjustment possible.
And do make sure you consider how often you wear your hair down, up, and how much time
you have to style your hair at home.

Category: medium hairstyle

The best medium female haircut is so subjective, because what is best today may not be
in a few months time.
My advice is to find a few looks that you really can see yourself with, and then go get some
advice from your hairstylist to make sure that these will fork for your hair type, face shape,
attributes, time requirements, and personality.

Category: medium hairstyle

A medium hairstyle for women can be described as just above the shoulder blades (Bobs,
medium Shags) to an inch below the shoulders (Lobs, One length medium cuts, graduated

Category: medium hairstyle

A long Bob cut can be considered as one where the back sit just above or on the shoulder
blades. Traditional Bob cuts are generally cut at the nape (bottom hairline) or even shorter
as a step above it. Long Bob Cuts can be straight, wavy, or curly with middle, side, zig zag
parts, with curtain bangs, straight across, wispy, solid, or none at all.

Category: medium hairstyle

Lobs or Long Bobs are exactly that medium length, longer version bob cuts typically just
below the shoulders with variations of layers, textures, bangs, and parts.

Category: medium hairstyle

It’s normal to be frightened of what you don’t know or what you can’t see.
However, going from long to medium length isn’t really that risky. Perhaps you just need to
change the shape and look and not lose much length, whatever the case the fact that you
may not like your new medium haircut is a poor excuse for not doing it.

Category: medium hairstyle

YES, these tools are a great way to go one step further than simply selecting some new
medium hairstyle looks on other people’s faces.
Seeing yourself with a new virtual medium haircut, or hair color is very insightful and safe.
Further to this, some people really struggle graphically to envision what a new hairdo may
look like on them, and so never make any changes.
Seeing different hairstyles, lengths, and colours against your face shape and skin tone is a
great place to start to gather ideas about what appeases you and what you really don’t like.
Lastly, remember your hair may not allow you to do everything a virtual hairstyle shows,
however that’s where your expert hairstylist comes into the picture, providing you with expert
advice during the valuable consultation.